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Artemis Fowl & The Atlantis Complex

Cover of "The Atlantis Complex (Artemis F...

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Eoin Colfer [Pronounced OWEN!] has released a new addition to his Artemis Fowl Series. A simply “magical” experience.

Readers may expect the same fast-paced action sequences, memorable character appearances, and moments of peril that have defined this bestselling series thus far. Readers may, once again, enter the world of magic, brilliance, and rollicking mischief of Artemis Fowl. Eoin Colfer’s genius analogies, cultural references, appropriated humor, and emotional conveyances help to make this book an easy and enjoyable read.

Enter Turnball Root, the infamous brother of our deceased friend, Julius Root. Turnball brings a new, maniacal genius feel to the Artemis Fowl series. Enabling even humor, cruelty, and altogether Sherlockian deduction aspects to the usual repertoire of villains. Better yet, an avid hater of Opal Koboi. Turnball promises the thrill of brand-new adventure, an unseen challenge to the LEP… and an “under the weather” Artemis Fowl.

This time around, our favorite child mastermind – Artemis Fowl rather more demented than usual. It seems he has caught a horrible fairy ailment… as a result of his improper meddling in the fairy arts: The Atlantis Complex. With newly found paranoia, split personality, and absolute fascination with the number five, will our hero be able to rise to the challenge?

Read a chapter of this absolutely riveting novel online, and then buy the full version at your local bookstore [or online book outlet.]!