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Starting this month…

Location of France

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…I’ll be going on a 10-day trip to France, entailing such things as… boulangeries, WWII monuments, parisian dining, chateau’s, and a lot of scenery.

Be sure to check out my blog after October 15th for lengthy reviews, descriptions, and many photographs of France!

Daktar / Diplomat in Bangladesh

Cover of "Daktar: Diplomat in Bangladesh&...

Cover of Daktar: Diplomat in Bangladesh

Daktar / Diplomat in Bangladesh.

The story of Viggo Olsen. A wonderfully written account of his journey through life, and missionary journey as well. A story with parallel’s to those of Saul’s in the Holy Bible. Born in a highly moralistic family, Mr. Olsen was raised in a way he would later come to appreciate.  Nonetheless, his early years of life were filled with agnosticism. Through his college years, he and his wife Joan set themselves on proving Christianity false. Denying that Christ was the Savior of humanity, and the very fact of his historical existence. Yet the very vigor with which they fought against truth, they came to know it. From darkness, they came into life.

I’ve only read 39 pages [7:12 pm, I plan to finish the remaining 310 pages tonight], and it’s already an amazing, wonderfully written piece of literature – and the uplifting story of a Christian Missionary.

Although this novel is out of print, it’s still available at book outlets on and Ridiculously great prices, and sometimes brand-new. Can’t beat that.

A Storm Is Brewing

A Storm Is Brewing

On one side, there's a beautiful sunset. However, on the flip side... there's something much more menacing brewing.

Taken on a night when storms such as this were unexpected. Spotted what looked like a funnel cloud in the distance, a few moments after taking this picture.

Chocolate Pecan Central

Italian Restaurant Surprise

A Wonderful Chocolate Adventure

Waffle Delight

A Waffle of Mass Proportions

A waffle, created by moi, pour moi. Waffly Goodness!

The picture says it all: Y-U-M.

Colorado Cruising

Colorado Cruisin'

Getting our first glimpse of the area around Estes Park, Colorado.

Exploring the Colorado terrain for the first time.

The Sunset of Many Colors

After the Storm

Ever heard of the calm before the storm? Well this is the calm... AFTER the storm.

This was a spectacle easily observed from our backyard. One of many amazing sunsets which results from the storms we get occasionally. (Even better, this sunset changed colors rapidly… from yellow and gold hues… to this fiery assortment of red, orange, and so on…


Spinach Encounter!

Spinach-Fruit Juice

Delicious... and nutritious?

Regardless of the captions [courtesy: a moi], this drink actually isn’t half bad. Tastes more like a strawberry-banana smoothie, than an intimidating vegetable concoction.



-3x Frozen Strawberries

-2x Frozen Bananas

-3x Handfuls of Fresh Spinach

-1x Handful of  Blueberries

-1x Cup of Water


Found this little guy going about my usual chores… well, the Grasshopper wasn’t going about my chores… I was… oh, forget it!

For those reading this on GBuzz, you’re going to have to check out the Blog Post to see the picture!

Grasshopper - Nombre Une

*inches away*

Photography Journal

With all the photography I do, I thought I’d start a little journal photographique. I’ll include places I’ve traveled to, little things I tend to notice, and other random tidbits that might seem just a little out of place.

So I’ll start working with my large repertoire of photos, and get em’ ready for Blog-Publishing!

Until then, make the most of your Sunday and get out there and do something!