Iron Man II

Iron Man 2

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One of the most action-packed movies of the season, Iron Man 2 is one of those Blockbuster movies that come in short quantities. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, & Mickey Rourke.

Join Tony Stark on his latest escapade – after admitting to the public his identity of Iron Man and changing the focus of his company from war to peace (allowing Hammer Industries to rise up as the main weapons developer in Iron Man 2), Stark’s life has changed … little more than what we’d seen before. Stark is still the self-absorbed womanizer that everyone knows him by, and still claims the world stage [and world peace]. Yet dark days are soon to come – Stark’s palladium cores have gone from the life-saving power source we knew them as in the first movie, to a slowly developing poison which would eventually prove fatal – making an antidote of the highest priority. But that’s not all! With new exposure to the public eye, Stark has also brought the attention of a new adversary, Ivan Vanko, who comes to be known as the son of the alleged creator of the palladium core. With time running out, and the mass-production of Iron Man suits [in the hands of his enemy] becoming a horror-filled reality, Tony Stark must find a quick solution to a complex problem.

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From Wikipedia: Movie Release Dates.


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  1. Love to see movies like this but the questionable content… You need to do more movie reviews; this one is great.

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