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Kung Fu Panda

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In response to Kung-Fu Panda’s sequel, Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom and the availability of the DVD for the holidays, we’ll track back to Kung-Fu Panda, the first movie.

Kung-Fu Panda was created by Dreamworks animation and features the voice talents of Jack Black, who plays the character Po, an overly large Panda who aspires Kung-Fu greatness! However, serving at a noodle shop with his father, a goose named Ping, isn’t getting him anywhere. On one particular day however, he learns of a tournament that is to take place – featuring the Furious Five! A group of Kung-Fu elites who Po admires greatly. With noodle-cart in tow, Po heads for the tournament, but finds he is too late – the doors are shut. Well that won’t stop this Panda! Strapping fireworks to his back, Po manages to ascend “from the heavens” into the arena, where he finds himself at the feet of Master Oogway, an ancient Kung-Fu master, who was in the process of picking the Dragon Warrior who would one day defeat Tai Lung (evil snow leopard), and it just so happens that Po landed right where he was pointing.

Determined to be the Dragon Warrior, Po has to undergo Kung-Fu training, much to the distaste of his mentor, Shifu – who plots to make such a grueling training process that Po will quit and Tigress, his favorite student, may be picked as the Dragon Warrior.

After the death of Master Oogway, however, Shifu changes his tactics. He focuses all his energy into training the panda, and finds that food is a terrific motivation. Soon Po becomes greater than even the Furious Five, finds the strength within himself, and defeats Tai Lung with a mere “Skadoosh!”

Kung-Fu Panda is a movie fit for the whole family – filled with action, adventure, and plenty of laughs.

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From Wikipedia: Movie Release Dates.


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