How to Train Your Dragon

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How to Train Your Dragon is about a boy named Hiccup, an out-of-sorts viking, who lives in a world that sees strength in line with respectability. But he’s more of the creative type… so while his father, Stoick the Vast, the viking chieftain, is out with his fellow men hunting dragons, Hiccup is putting his imagination to work. His sight is set on catching Night Fury, the most elusive and dangerous of all dragons – to gain the admiration of the viking community, and his crush – a tough viking girl named Astrid.

His plan to catch the most infamous Night Fury? Intense studying! And the creation of ingenious traps! Who would’ve thought that one day he would actually catch something? None other than the prized dragon itself. Yet, as Hiccup’s viking nature would otherwise demand, he does not kill the dragon but instead keeps it as a pet – feeding it fish, and gradually gaining it’s trust. Soon, he learns more about the world of dragons, and becomes a sort of Dragon Rider, (*cough* Cornelia Funke & Christopher Paolini reference *cough*) gaining enough of Night Fury’s trust to finally ride him (though at first somewhat unwillingly). A hero is born!

Amidst these fortunate developments, Hiccup finds himself in a dilemma. First of all, he must constantly keep Night Fury hidden, or risk exposure and his dragon’s capture… and ensuing demise. Next, his father has registered him for dragon-killing lessons – during which, he defeats the dragons by anatomical means, knocking them out without any harm. This fact is, however, unknown to anyone else, and they believe Hiccup to be a skilled warrior, rather than who he really is – a unique viking boy who has, with an acute intelligence, found a benevolent position among dragons.

It is inevitable that an intense competition is to take place – Hiccup vs a fierce breed of dragon – to the death! While Hiccup refuses to kill the dragon, the dragon has other plans – putting Hiccup in a life-and-death situation, in which Night Fury (named Toothless), comes to the rescue!

At first the villagers respond negatively, capturing Toothless and taking him to the home of all dragons, in hopes of a successful crusade against them. When, however, the vikings find themselves overpowered by an enormous Godzilla-size dragon – Hiccup, along with his persuaded friends (and crush), mount upon dragons of their own and come to the rescue! Successfully defeating “Dragonzilla,” Hiccup becomes a true hero and finally gains his long-desired respect. Dragons become incorporated into the community, and everyone lives happily ever after! Or do they? Find out in the sequal, coming out in 2013! (and a threequel coming later)


As many of the other movies I’ve reviewed recently – this movie is also a great choice for the family setting. Enjoyed by the young and old – that’s the magic of DreamWorks! (no, not Macy’s) It shares a similar “heroic, adventure, comedic” feel to it, that most DreamWorks movies appear to contain – which provides for a relaxing and most enjoyable movie atmosphere.

Fun-Wikipedia-Fact: “…the writer-directors of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, took over as co-directors”

No wonder it reminded me of Lilo & Stitch!

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From Wikipedia: Movie Release Dates.



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  1. I was surprised by how good this movie was!

    • Yes, it was quite surprising. I didn’t think too much of the movie until I’d seen it. It’s definitely another success for Dreamworks.
      “That’s the magic of DreamWorks!”

      • Yeah, I only saw it because I went to the movies with someone who’d heard it was good. I thought it would be a kids’ movie, but I think it’s pretty enjoyable for everyone.

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