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OBJECTION!: Ace Attorney Series Review

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Capcom first introduced the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series with its first release on October 11, 2001. [1] Although it is a popular series, it does not yet have the widespread popularity that similar series such as Mega-Man, or Zelda have been able to attain.

The series has showed great prosperity however, even having a shortage during one of the North American releases due to such an unexpectedly high demand. [2]

The series certainly features an interesting cast of characters, including a coffee addict named Godot who always finds a way to reference coffee to all of life’s situations.

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“…Add the pureness of milk to the perfect, clear darkness of coffee. Stir.That is the state of the witness’s mind right now – a cup of café au lait Mr. Trite’s words are the milk and you are the spoon, Your Honor.” -Godot

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribu...

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The first half of the series follows the life of a novice lawyer by the name of Phoenix Wright. After the death of his mentor Mia Fey, Mr. Wright undergoes tremendous character development and his desire for justice grows stronger. His goal is to protect those who are innocent – and most of all, to uncover the truth. To do this he takes up a position as a defense attorney, conducting detective-like investigations. This leads him into a variety of cases, and into an association with his mentor’s daughter, Maya Fey: a fun-loving, childish, 18-19 year old girl, who becomes his assistant. As the story progresses, so too does the complexities of it’s mysteries and the addition of characters. Sherlock Holmes related-situations and references (in both content, and dramatic intellectual battles) also tend to sprout up throughout the series, providing a somewhat familiar environment, with the same appealing suspense and deductive reasoning. There is however, one thing Sherlock Holmes did not do – and that is engage in courtroom proceedings. A majority of the games consist of dramatic courtroom battles, with finger-pointing galore and the yelling of “OBJECTION!” and “TAKE THAT!” (for which the series has been popularized as well as parodied).

Soon we are introduced to Miles Edgeworth, the childhood friend and rival to Phoenix Wright. It becomes evident that he will play an important part in the development of the series’ plot and continuation, as much “screen-time” is dedicated to his personal development. Edgeworth is most likely one of the top fan-favorites, with his higher-than-thou bearing, restrained emotions, and cold intellectual glares – yet bursts of kindness, humility, and realization of truth. Most likely due to his popularity, another official series, entitled Ace Attorney Investigations, has been developed with Edgeworth as its chief protagonist. As opposed to the original Ace Attorney Series, less or virtually no time is spent in courtroom battles, with a primary focus on crime scene investigations – it also holds a greater resemblance to Sherlock Holmes.

List of characters in the Ace Attorney series

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Game play throughout the series is quite consistent, with definitive similarities such as:

→ Cross-Examinations: Cross examinations are typically the interrogation of a witness – typically inquiring of their testimony regarding the given crime, and revealing any inconsistencies with solid proof. Cross Examinations prove to be major road blocks in both series and allow for much progress to be made when solved.
General Investigation: During a general investigation of the crime scenes, Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright typically act the part of a CSI investigator (usually getting in the way of the official investigators – or in the case of Miles Edgeworth, using them to gather evidence), checking the scene for clues, obtaining an autopsy for whoever seems to be in charge, a bit of randomness here and there, and so on. This takes up quite a bit of game time. When you find a clue or obtain a particularly noteworthy testimony, it is added to the Court Record or your personal organizer, from which you may present proof the courts or identify the lies in a witnesses’ testimony.

Content-wise, the series is generally rated T for Teen, due to the graphic nature of the crimes entailed (which are typically murder). There is however, never any intense violence, as everything is handled with an abundance of ambiguity. For example, at the beginning of each case (there are around 4+ cases per game, which are connected at the end to one focal point) the crime which will form the basis of the plot will be displayed in the form of a simple animation sequence. To show that someone has been “disposed of” there may be a foreboding pool of crimson. The fact that you typically review the site of the autopsy also brings about a plethora of disturbing images which are unfit for young children. In the series however, most of these sequences are brief, and the graphic nature quite minimal – though some of the installments are of differing extremities than that of the others. Generally content is made up of problem solving testimonies, and court room battles.

Christian Perspective

Although the violence in minimal, there is another aspect of the series which may prove highly controversial to Christians – which is that of conflicting beliefs. There is some talk of “Spirit Channeling” in around two of the games, which is to be taken with a very hefty grain of salt. Later installments of the series prove to have much less, if any, of this content and are highly recommended over the first few.

Upcoming Games :[34]

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Image via Wikipedia - The Original, to Which will be the Sequel!

→ Ace Attorney Investigations 2

[for the DS/DSi/3DS]: The first installment was more than hoped for, and I hope to say the same of it’s sequel! Starring the fan-famous Miles Edgeworth, this series is composed most brilliantly with solid storylines, amusing and complimentary soundtracks, and a host of uniquely developed characters. A sample of the game is available to play, though it is in Japanese, it provides some general insight of what the game will look like (though the North American version is most likely subject to revision), you may find the sample at the Official Site. (North American Release: TBA 2011).

Professor layton ace attorney-art

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Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney [3DS]:

The ultimate showdown! Puzzle Master Professor Layton meets Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright! This dynamic duo must face off against the dastardly Story Teller (Ed. Just strikes fear into your heart, doesn’t it?) who is evil for some reason… unknown to some of even the most informed gamers. With this blockbuster-game is accompanied a very impressive soundtrack, and rich plot. Two of the most famous soundtracks may be heard at the Official Site, which is in the form of a virtual book. Also available is an animated trailer for the game and some screen shots (North American Release: TBA 2011).

I.M. Decoded

Letter Written in Cipher on Mourning Paper by ...

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Here is your guide to the Instant Message dailect! With all the ever-changing shorthand phrasings and chat-room acronyms, sometimes talking on the internet may be more like deciphering cryptic messages than engaging in casual conversation. Here you may find one simple resource – a list of words, phrases, emotes, and acronyms, that may assist even I.M. natives (which I will update on occasion) and to understand my “unedited” posts, like those from Yahoo! Answers.

Category: ACRONYMS [Inappropriate Acronyms Discluded]

JK: Just Kidding
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
WB: Welcome Back
YW: You’re Welcome
TTYL/TTYS: Talk to you [Later/Soon]
CP: Club Penguin

Category: Shorthand

Wut/Wat: What
Y?: Why?
U: You
Bak: Back [ex. I’m Back]
Iggy: Igloo
UR: You’re/Your
R: Are
Nvm: Nevermind
K: Okay
Kno/No:* Know (*depends on context)
Plz: Please
Kool: Cool
Bai: Goodbye

Sup: What’s Up?
Category: Emoticons
+ Smiley Face


+ Expressing Embarrassment [1] or Randomness [2]

XD [1 & 2]
xD [1 & 2]
=P [1]
😛 [1]
-_-‘ [1]

Flipnote Hatena

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Think of this as my introductory post in a fairly lengthy series I’ll be drafting sometime in March, regarding various in-depth reviews on some of Nintendo’s most popular game consoles (and games), of which I’ll maintain a steady focus on the Nintendo 3DS.

FlipNote is complimentary software that accompanies the Nintendo DSi (one of only two free programs currently available). Using sound effects, and a few more features than Microsoft’s Paint, you can use your stylus to draw layers upon layers of graphics, then have them play at a specified speed, thus producing a stop motion animation.

Additional features include an interfacing import feature that allows you to use photos you’ve saved (taken using the DSi’s duo-cameras) and copy them into any given layer.

It’s most amusing, and sure to entertain those delighted with expressing their artistic abilities. And still fun for those of us who can hardly draw a well-balanced stick figure.

— This Post was Drafted & Published using a Nintendo DSi–

“Can I help you with that?”

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Can I help you with that?

Puis-je vous aider?

Posso aiutarvi?

Naweza kukusaidia kwa hilo?

Tôi có thể giúp bạn?

No matter the language, this one sentence – or rather, the actions that back it, can do wonders. You may have heard of Make-A-Difference Monday, and other efforts to take actions to help others. When you help someone – whether that’s “buying them a cup of coffee,” or some other courtesy, it makes you feel good. It stirs something up in your heart, and maybe even gives you that extra push to do it again. Kindness can be catchy, and that’s certainly a good thing. So why don’t we take advantage of moments where we can express this sentiment?

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Many times, such action takes spontaneity, and a sincere desire to help others. So next time you see someone in need, don’t worry about who they are, whether or not they’re your friend or someone you dislike, just help. This is something I’m trying to do. To resist the impulse to stand around idly when I can be helping others, and it’s tremendously satisfying – especially when you have a great cause holding you to it. For me, it’s the love of Jesus Christ – the ultimate example of how to reach out.

Today the DailyPost topic was, When was your last random act of kindness? If you haven’t done something for anybody lately – try doing so. Whether it’s opening a door, asking someone how they’re doing, or helping someone carry a heavy load – there’s nothing too small to make a significant difference in someone’s life.

The #1 AW Post of All Time…

GA writer barnstar in

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…is Standing Up to Writer’s Block with DailyPost – would you imagine that?

The first ever Adventure Writer compilation of various writing topics, seems also to have been the highest ranking (by a landslide), due to this fact, you may now find it in the Adventure Writer Landmark category!

Thanks for reading the Adventure Writer Blog and taking such an interest in my writing prompts, more may be added in the future.

Generational Limit

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Topic: Describe the following quote [with a Biblical perspective]:

“Who knows only his own generation remains always a child.” ~Cicero

When one is limited to the present, they remain isolated to mature conceptions – this limitation makes them as a child. The past provides insight unto the future and the present. Such insight is a safeguard to mistakes, ones that have already been made and should not be made again. Insight, however, is not only limited as a combat to human error, it provides a new outlook on life, one that can grow with age. Insight takes the cooperation of the one who wishes to tap into it. Like understanding God’s word, it requires contemplation and revelation. Revelation may be gained through life experiences that you experience as you grow older. Mistakes should be looked at as something to be learned from and a warning for anyone who may be able to make these mistakes. They do not need to be tried out, as those who have already tried them out, have met negative consequences. If you do not learn from mistakes, experiences, and life lessons that God gives you, age will not assist you — nor give you wisdom. One may look at the generations around oneself and learn from them, even the next generation. If the younger generation is looked to as inexperienced, and cannot be learned from, this is quite a mistake. There is something to be learned from in any generation.

If one is not open to this, and they close their mind to

everything around them, they are as a child.  However,

unlike children, they cannot grow… they cannot learn.

DP Bonus: The Roar of a Lion

Lion - Louisville Zoo

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Yesterday, the DailyPost topic caught my eye – in particular, the bonus question: What is a sound you’ve never heard, that you hope to hear someday?


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As the topic of this post suggests – I would like to hear the roar of a lion… either in a zoo or from a safe distance in the wild of course! I’ve always found lions to be particularly amazing animals, what with their flowing manes that reflect the golden rays of the sun, and their fearless composure – acting like true “Kings of the Jungle.” It’s no wonder literary characters such as Aslan (who is intended to be the “Lion of Judah“) draw such attention to themselves, even in very short intervals, it’s simply spectacular – just take a look at the dramatic presence Aslan held in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

YA: How do you improve your writing skills?

There was a recent question on Yahoo! Answers that I found interesting and decided to respond. The question was, as the title of this post suggests, How do you improve your writing skills? The content below has been copied in it’s entirety, verbatim – grammar mistakes, emoticons and all.

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
You must know that the most common answer will be 


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“Practice, practice, practice!”
For which many popular authors recommend.And I must agree with others here that reading is indeed a very helpful tool inimproving your writing skills. Reading (especially with classics, and very wide range of genres and levels) exposes you to different types of writing, and expands your vocabulary.

But what can you do on the net?
A really common practice is “Fan Fiction.” Do you like any particular book series, movie, etc. especially well? Maybe you didn’t like the ending, or though it’d be good if a certain part changed. What about what happens after the movie or book? If there’s nothing else following in the series – you never really find out. That’s where your imagination comes in. Answer these questions with your own alternate story. Then post it on a forum or website that encourages the writing of Fan Fiction (4Kids TV, even though it’s typically a kids site, is abundant with teenagers and adults willing to read and critique fan fiction. There are also sites solely dedicated to writing and critiquing fan fiction. Just look around!) You’ll get feedback on your writing and be able to improve it. Just be ready for constructive criticism. If you receive insults, rather than polite criticism, go to another community where standards of members are much higher.

So far we’ve covered… (oh I feel like a text book. x_x)
1. The Common Answer (Practice!)
2. Read for Experience
3. The Constructive Improvement of Fan Fiction

Another possibility would be to start a blog.
I have a Word Press blog where I’ve joined the Post-a-Day challenge, which ultimately challenges bloggers to make a post for every day of 2011, not one day left out. There’s also Post-a-Week which challenges bloggers to make at least one post or more every week of 2011. My point being: that’s A LOT of writing. It also challenges you to think outside the box, and provides constructive criticism (though sometimes spam too.    -_-‘ Though luckily it’s filtered out) for your writing improvement!

Blogging is a highly recommended source for tuning those writing skills of yours!

So far we’ve covered… (still feeling like a text book.)
1. The Common Answer (Practice!)
2. Read for Experience
3. The Constructive Improvement of Fan Fiction
4. The Blogging World of Improvement

If the previous commentary has been helpful, let me know in the “Additional Information” section of your question. Otherwise I’ll stop here. =P

From one writer to another – I hope this helps! It’s sure helped me over the years, and I’ve gotten way better because of all this.

DP: What is a friend?

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Who would have though such a deep topic would have come from Daily Post? Though it seems many of their questions have been of some relative, personal level recently.

What indeed is a friend? A friend, in my personal sight, is one of those rare companions who you are fortunate of to meet. I have two terrific friends, and I find that I am comfortable speaking with them about things that concern personal matters in my life. It is that comfortability in disclosure – that relationship that does not hold fear, but allows for relaxing conversations, that may form a true friendship. Friends are those people who will stick with you through thick and thin, and tell you the honest truth – what’s best for you.

Friends care for you not because they get something out of the relationship, but because they have such a respect for you as a person.

Friends are truly special, and sometimes people you will only meet once in a lifetime. Other times we may find an abundance of friends – genuinely caring people who seek the well-being of those they are close to.

This reminds me of a question that was asked on Yahoo! Answers, asking “Do you agree that there is no such thing as a true friend?” to which I responded with a Christian viewpoint:

Humanity is selfish – that is one sad realization that could lead to such philosophy.

There is however, a love that transcends all selfishness.
It is a divine attribute that seeks selfless relationship and ensures true friendship.
Even if you do not believe in the principals of Christianity, look to the lives of Jesus Christ, and other men and women who committed themselves to the ones they loved – even to the point of death. This bond of love may be formed in a friendship. It is something very rare, and very special. It may be called one of those “once in a lifetime” events – that, for some, never occurs.

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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It takes discernment and an understanding of selfish ambition. Is your “friend” seeking what’s best for you in the relationship, or what will benefit them? If it is the latter, you know the friendship is “untrue” and deeply lacking.

Hurt can lead us to set up barriers and facades, keeping us from deep relationship.
Sometimes you simply have to let go, and trust someone, but not before getting to know them and seeing beyond the facade that they may inevitably wear themselves.

Standing Up to Writer’s Block with DailyPost

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Well, I certainly won’t be having a problem with Writer’s Block anytime soon, not with all the topics by DailyPost, and the surplus of topics I developed with a friend of mine.

Here’s some prompts you might spot popping up sometime when there’s no reviews or our other typical topics (feel free to use some for your blog!):

1. Write about your life’s biggest adventure.
2. Write about your top ten hobbies – elaborating on each.
3. Write an interview between you and someone else.
4. Write about the most interesting conversation you’ve ever had (and can remember).
5. Write a review on the best movie you have ever seen.
6. Write your own step-by-step process to blog fame.
7. What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen? (e.g. Paris: The Eiffel Tower at Sunset, your well-furnished backyard, etc.)
8. Write about your life from the eyes of another person.
9. A Day in Another’s Shoes: Write about what it would be like to live a life in drastically different conditions than yours. (e.g. In poverty, in great wealth, as royalty, as a news broadcaster, etc.)
10. Write a brief poem (a minimum of 100 words – afterall, this is WordPress) about your day today.
11. The Best Thing I Ever Ate… Just like the TV show, describe the best thing you’ve ever eaten. Don’t forget to include all the mouth-watering details, and having your readers come back for seconds!

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...

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12. Write about one of your biggest social blunders, the likes of which you tend to share, or be reminded of, among friends and family.
13. Write a Q&A on a subject you specialize in.
14. What woulld your dream life look like?
15. What would world peace look like?
16. Write about an important figure in history who has drastically changed the way you personally live – for the better.
17. Share your favorite food or drink recipe with your readers – whether you have made it yourself, or at the expense of another.
18. Envision what your life will look like 5 years from now. Any drastic changes? Big achievements? Notable actions?
+10 years
+20 years
+30 years
19. If you were the President/Leader/King, what would you do?
20. If you had a talk show on TV, what would you do? Who would you invite?

Composite image of the Earth at night.

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21. If you could purchase anything (donations included as a “purchase”), all funds provided at no catch or condition, what would it be?
22. If you could visit any country in the world, expenses aside, where would it be?
23. If you owned a massive, multi-billion dollar frachise, what would be the company’s primary focus?
24. Write your favorite quote and what it means to you.
25. Blog about something (or a subject) you’ve NEVER blogged about before
26. If you could have anyone view your blog, who would it be? (e.g. Your favorite teacher, Harry Potter, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.)

Here’s some more [topics that “specialize in the ridiculous”] a friend and I thought up:
27. If you could pilot any vehicle, what would it be? (Gundams and Death Star included)
28. Did you read about a character that met a tragic end, much to your distaste? How would change the storyline if you were the writer?
29. If you could have any EPIC super power, what would it be?
30. Which two beings would create the most epic duel-to-the-death scenario?
31. What kind of office supply would you be, and why? (e.g. “I’d be like a rubber band because you can only stretch me so far before I snap, a blank paper waiting for ideas, etc.)

32. If your life was a play/movie, which actors would you choose to play the main characters?

33. If you could go back in time and redo any moment in your life, which moment would that be, and why?

34. What is your opinion regarding the End of the World? Is it all just superstition, or does some of the hysteria ring true?

35. If you could develop a video game, what would it be about? And through which company would you work?

36. What is your dream job? Have you achieved it?

37. What is the WORST thing you’ve ever eaten? Or alternatively, what would you never eat? [e.g. raw snail]

38. If you could start your own country, what would it be called?

+ What would its infrastructure (economic basis) be based upon?
+ How would you “fuel” your nation? Would you go Eco-Friendly, or the way of Oil?