Professor Layton and The Unwound Future: Video Game Review

I found Professor Layton and The Unwound Future in a pleasant discovery

Professor Layton: Unwound Future

Perhaps one of the greatest puzzle games of all time!

upon a shelf in the Electronics section of Target. It was my first time playing the series, and I must say I was duly impressed. The series, by Level-5 Inc., may be called one of the greatest puzzle games of all time, enhancing the experience as an RPG, and following parts of the plot with anime-sequences. For any age, the game can have universal value with it’s riddles, puzzles, and various sorts of trivia. With various levels of difficulty, the player may find themselves stuck at times, but it’s no problem with the hint feature! Though, it is regretful when you must give into this temptation.

The game’s storyline is a fairly typical one – yet effective and amusing nonetheless. Professor Layton, the main character, and Luke, a young puzzle prodigy and Layton’s apprentice, investigate the disappearance of their mayor after a time machine demonstration gone awry. While investigating a local clock shop, they find themselves teleported to a new time, 10 years in the future, where an evil Professor Layton has taken over London! Will the riddling duo thwart Layton’s evil counterpart, or be lost in the future however? It all depends on your ability at solving the puzzles! Wow, no pressure.

Also look for the upcoming review for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright!

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