Boredom by Snow: How to Stay Entertained

How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

(AW Top 12)

Inspired by The Daily Post

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1. Blog About It

Have a photography related blog? Post some pics! See any good movies? Do you like snow, or entirely detest it? There’s plenty of possibilities!

2. Go Literary

Grab a good book, plop down on the couch (chair, pillows-shaped-like-a-chair and whatnot), and get reading! That’s how the bookworms do it.

3. Get Creative

Write a story, create an artistic masterpiece, design something – whether it’s computer graphics or your dream house, get creative!

4. Be a Couch Potato

2009 ESPN Zone Chicago Ultimate Couch Potato C...

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Can’t take the boredom, and nothing above will suffice? Then you can always be a couch potato. Not exactly the healthiest choice, but it beats being bored right? Watch episodes of whatever series  you’ve missed.

5. Think Big – Think Snow

Imaaaagine! Snow forts, snow balls, and snow men galore. Unless that’s not your thing… then just… keep reading.

6. Jam out the Boredom

Music always helps pass the time. Jam out while pondering life, jam out while thinking big, jam out while being a coach potato – and so much more!

Couch Potato Pizza

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7. Start Cooking

Commencer la cuisson! Make a homemade pizza, bake a cake, do something amazing – culinary style.

8. Discover

Whether it’s the Lost Money of the Couch Caverns, or researching something you don’t know about, you could be the next Indy Jones! (okay, maybe not…)

9. Organize

Clean up that room, arrange that bookshelf or Blu-Ray/DVD collection, make something out of your time.

10. Get in Contact

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Call someone, strengthen those relationships!

11. Make it a Kodak Moment!

Have a larger-than-life snowstorm? Beautifully, glistening lake? Take some photos!

Painting The Writing Master by Thomas Eakins

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12. Be Active!

Work out, run laps around the living room, don’t be a couch potato – stretch those muscles!

13. Study

Most likely a quite unpopular sentiment, but when all else fails, study! College, High School, Middle School? Maybe something at work? Sharpen the mind!


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  1. Creativity is a good one… How often do you get a chance to stay in and just make something? I’ve done some of my best stuff on snow days 🙂

  2. Gotta love snow days – that’s my take anyways. Gives me extra time to work on my stories – and to get those big projects done for school.

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