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One thing I’ve never really touched on at the Adventure Writer Blog, yet I have been working with for quite a few years, is forum management and design.

Running a forum can be beneficial in understanding how various things work on the internet, how traffic flows, how to keep people’s attention, and maintain a constant rate of mass discussions.

I currently co-operate a forum which has around 132 registered users, and a total of a total of 12625 messages.

The statistics are far from satisfying:

# of Registered Users:
Feb 2010 2 10%
Mar 2010 5 25%
Apr 2010 1 5%
May 2010 1 5%
Jun 2010 0 0%
Jul 2010 0 0%
Aug 2010 0 0%
Sep 2010 1 5%
Oct 2010 6 30%
Nov 2010 2 10%
Dec 2010 2 10%
Jan 2011 0 0%

And this may be the typical result with a new forum (as ours is, as we’ve changed our focus), or stale conversation.

A forum must have a fairly universal subject, or one that will hold the interest of it’s members for a lengthy period of time. In other words, be able to maintain a fan-base and keep activity flowing.

We will continue to explore forum-making at a later date – for now, back to all-things-reviews and a literary focus!


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  1. Wow, looks like there’s some similarities to blogging… maintaining interest and all that. Though I’m sure each has its challenges

  2. Cool post I would like to read more things like this as I run a forum that is dead and I’m considering closing it for June this year.

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