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Marcus Tullius Cicero, after whom Teuffel name...

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Topic: Describe the following quote [with a Biblical perspective]:

“Who knows only his own generation remains always a child.” ~Cicero

When one is limited to the present, they remain isolated to mature conceptions – this limitation makes them as a child. The past provides insight unto the future and the present. Such insight is a safeguard to mistakes, ones that have already been made and should not be made again. Insight, however, is not only limited as a combat to human error, it provides a new outlook on life, one that can grow with age. Insight takes the cooperation of the one who wishes to tap into it. Like understanding God’s word, it requires contemplation and revelation. Revelation may be gained through life experiences that you experience as you grow older. Mistakes should be looked at as something to be learned from and a warning for anyone who may be able to make these mistakes. They do not need to be tried out, as those who have already tried them out, have met negative consequences. If you do not learn from mistakes, experiences, and life lessons that God gives you, age will not assist you — nor give you wisdom. One may look at the generations around oneself and learn from them, even the next generation. If the younger generation is looked to as inexperienced, and cannot be learned from, this is quite a mistake. There is something to be learned from in any generation.

If one is not open to this, and they close their mind to

everything around them, they are as a child.  However,

unlike children, they cannot grow… they cannot learn.


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  1. That bust is wierd.

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