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Think of this as my introductory post in a fairly lengthy series I’ll be drafting sometime in March, regarding various in-depth reviews on some of Nintendo’s most popular game consoles (and games), of which I’ll maintain a steady focus on the Nintendo 3DS.

FlipNote is complimentary software that accompanies the Nintendo DSi (one of only two free programs currently available). Using sound effects, and a few more features than Microsoft’s Paint, you can use your stylus to draw layers upon layers of graphics, then have them play at a specified speed, thus producing a stop motion animation.

Additional features include an interfacing import feature that allows you to use photos you’ve saved (taken using the DSi’s duo-cameras) and copy them into any given layer.

It’s most amusing, and sure to entertain those delighted with expressing their artistic abilities. And still fun for those of us who can hardly draw a well-balanced stick figure.

— This Post was Drafted & Published using a Nintendo DSi–

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