I.M. Decoded

Letter Written in Cipher on Mourning Paper by ...

Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

Here is your guide to the Instant Message dailect! With all the ever-changing shorthand phrasings and chat-room acronyms, sometimes talking on the internet may be more like deciphering cryptic messages than engaging in casual conversation. Here you may find one simple resource – a list of words, phrases, emotes, and acronyms, that may assist even I.M. natives (which I will update on occasion) and to understand my “unedited” posts, like those from Yahoo! Answers.

Category: ACRONYMS [Inappropriate Acronyms Discluded]

JK: Just Kidding
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
WB: Welcome Back
YW: You’re Welcome
TTYL/TTYS: Talk to you [Later/Soon]
CP: Club Penguin

Category: Shorthand

Wut/Wat: What
Y?: Why?
U: You
Bak: Back [ex. I’m Back]
Iggy: Igloo
UR: You’re/Your
R: Are
Nvm: Nevermind
K: Okay
Kno/No:* Know (*depends on context)
Plz: Please
Kool: Cool
Bai: Goodbye

Sup: What’s Up?
Category: Emoticons
+ Smiley Face


+ Expressing Embarrassment [1] or Randomness [2]

XD [1 & 2]
xD [1 & 2]
=P [1]
😛 [1]
-_-‘ [1]


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