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DP: What’s your hidden talent?

Passion flower

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Ironically enough, it’s writing. When I wrote a miniature play, which I hope to expand one day, the teacher it was presented to seemed quite surprised, and gave me one immediate line of feedback, “Never stop writing.” And as you can see with this Post-a-Day challenge, there’s no chance of that happening!

Writing is an amazing art – it’s on the opposite side of the spectrum with calculations and proofs, and may seem a bit unruly to a person who rather favors that spectrum, but for a writer… it’s really something magical. Having words flow out of you, and watching a story unfold. Seeing characters come to life, a world come to fruition, and a beautiful literary legacy, even if it never goes beyond your study (room, My Documents folder, etc.), unfold, is something to behold. Again it is so with poetry, though one may dare turn it into a calculation-game,  it unravels the eternal, divinely established beauty of the imagination, and tears away the barriers of ordinary life.

That is why I write, and that’s my hidden talent.

Finding the Bourne Series

The Bourne Identity (2002 film)

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Today I watched, for the first time in it’s entirety, The Bourne Identity. It proved to be on the same terms with movies such as Inception – although without so much of consistent, deep psychological aspects. It creates suspense through the unknown, yet adds intrigue with each revelation of the world in which the movie goer is enveloped. Rather than a puzzle even to the end, it is rather a mystery until the end – when most resolutions are made, though unanswered questions make for an easy sequel. I’d suppose this is why the series already has three films in its series, being The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum – with a fourth, The Bourne Legacy, on its way for July 2012 [1].

The film series is not something for the whole family, and rather for teenage-adult thrill/adventure/action movie lovers. There is some morally questionable content – and a great deal of violence. As reviewer, Bob Smithouser states:

“Unfortunately, Damon’s conflicted superspy, exciting cat-and-mouse action and some beautiful European locales can’t compensate for inappropriate language and frequent killings. The Bourne Identity will leave discerning viewers wishing they could develop selective amnesia and forget this entertaining movie’s unnecessary offenses.”

For audiences who wish to avoid violence and some very “colorful” language, and prefer to take on a family film, this movie would not be a primary, or even recommended, choice. For action movie lovers, it certainly proves to live up to spy-film expectations.

29 Days till’ 3DS Release

A 3D projection of an 8-cell performing a doub...

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If you don’t know about the Nintendo 3DS, but tend to like 3-Dimensional graphics, video games, and films, augmented reality games, 3-D photography, photo manipulation, graphics design, high-resolution graphics displays, and more… you certainly need to read up on it. Luckily there’s an overview of the 3DS on the Adventure Writer Blog, which you can read here.

Estimated shortly after March 27th, there should be a plethora of 3DS-related reviews and overviews on the AW Blog – along with a look at some 3-D Photography produced from the system.

Unfortunately the 3DS will cost $250, which is a hundred more  dollars than many of it’s predecessors – luckily there’s a variety of trade-in offers available.

DP Photo Journal: Abundance

An abundance of fruits and vegetables – baguettes and meats. It’s market day in Normandy, France, and everything is certainly full to the brim with wares of various kinds!

Market Day In Normandy

Market Day! Pick from the freshest, the greenest, the most delicious delicacies you ever did see!

What happened to the blockbusters? Reflection on Movies that “Made History (2010)”

A Christmas Carol (2009 film)

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch ...

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Iron Man 2

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Although there are many great movies currently out – there’s few that can really take on the same effect as many of the blockbuster movies in the past. The Iron Man series brought marval fans, and average movie watchers alike, to the theaters for a film genre that would possibly have, otherwise, have been unappealing. The Chronicles of Narnia as well, though debatably lacking in some parts of the series, will leave behind a last film legacy – having masterfully painted a wonderful new image for the C.S. Lewis book series, and given a wholesome movie for virtually the entire family. In a similar fashion, Disney’s A Christmas Carol, gave a fresh look of insight and imagination unto Charles Dicken’s beloved classic – with some of the latest technology in the business, the film attained various life-like qualities, without skimping on the storyline, or swerving from the original focus, as many critics thought of the brilliantly, high-end graphics film Tron: Legacy.

I look forward to many terrific films this year – with the promise of many prequels, even threequels, to come – and greatly hope they will provide yet another, blockbuster movie experience.


Unstoppable (2010 film)

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Based on a true story, this suspenseful, heart-pounding thriller is a masterful creation to be sure. Incorporating relatable human elements, and an attachment with the characters therein, it proves to not only be a movie for action fans, but for overall general movie watchers.

Starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, Unstoppable is the story of two AWVR workers – one man, by the name of Will Colson, is new to the train business, yet finds it a preferable alternative over his past jobs – just the opposite, Frank Barnes is a veteran of the business, and sees the newcomer in a negative light, simply taking the jobs away from the older men. As the story progresses, we learn of difficulty that each man has found in his family: Colson is currently at odds with his wife, after a misunderstanding of dramatic proportions. Barnes is a single father who has difficulty balancing his job, with his daughters, and when he forgets one of their birthday’s, more complications arise.

In these circumstances, the two men find themselves about to collide with a runaway train – narrowly escaping a swift demise. This train, filled with toxic and highly flammable contents, is headed towards a highly populated area where the tracks may only sustain a meager speed, as opposed to the current 75+ mph which the train maintains with a steady increase. The result of the train collapsing, experts soon determine, would cause enough damage to level an entire city. Armed with this information, Frank Barnes determines that he will stop the train, after a brief debate, Will agrees to accompany him, and the two set out to reverse the path of the train – and ultimately put it to a standstill. Will they succeed? Or will the plan end in catastrophic results?

DP Photo Journal: Refuge

This week’s subject is refuge. Who here likes crab legs?


A crab by any other name is just as tasty.

Washed ashore on the beaches of Normandy, France. Even a creature with such fortitude finds itself bested by the ocean waves.



News on the Homefront

It’s a bit more slow-going than I’d hoped it would be on the Adventure Writer Blog. These past few days I haven’t seemed to have enough time to make my usual posts – though this week is going to be rather different!

Look for:
-A review of the action-packed thriller, Unstoppable!
-A review of Lego Universe.
-A review on the Lego Company.
-The next Weekly Photo entry.
-And more!

It’s as easy as a Mac


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It has been great exploring all the different features of our new Mac computer. It’s amazing all the possibilities that are set for – and the ease and efficiency with which they may be done. iPhoto and iMovie for example are amazing, easy-to-use programs which I’ve never had the likes of using before now. I’ll certainly be able to produce dynamic creations with all this technology at my fingertips. I have found a few frustrations however…

Planning on posting my next “Weekly Photo Challenge,” image, I decided to go into my files and attempt to resize it. However, with all the programs I have, I cannot find anything that has a resize capability – only crop, enhancement, and a plethora of other great features which aren’t really helping with the problem at hand. Time to do some internet research!

Extemporaneous Speaking

AVHRR satellite image of the 48 continguous st...

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Extemporaneous Speaking (aka Extemp) is something I have yet to mention on this blog, although I have found myself committing a fair amount of time to the exercise thereof.

If you ask the average person off the street what Extemp is, you’ll most likely receive a blank stare in response. In reality, many people all over the United States participate in Extemp events – which are really just part of the greater Forensics (Speech Competitions).

In Extemp, there may be various rounds which you may participate in, with the top competitors proceeding onto Finals, or the deciding “match.” Each round, including finals, is fairly routine. You enter the “Draw Room,” where you wait for your Identification Code to be called. If you have a filing box, you may spend time looking through all the articles you’ve printed out, or magazines you’ve compiled. Once you are called up with the rest of your draw group (your “competitors” in that specific round who will have the same judge), you pick up an envelope and draw out three slips of paper at random, among many others. On these slips of paper, you will find various prompts relating to world news, media, technology, etc. Each contestant will pick a topic for which they are A) Familiar with and/or B) have enough “evidence” (the contents of your filing box, and/or recollections of news articles & programs which you can cite), you will hand your chosen prompt to one of the contest organizers, and they will write a time on it for you. You will have 30-60 minutes (varies), from that time, to write a convincing case for your answer to the given topic and get to your judge’s room early. There you must vocally present your case, though you are welcome to use a small notecard for reference (well-versed extempers go by memory). Your speech, and all the writing you have done, and thoughts you have developed must be of your own devices – consultation with teammates, etc. results in disqualification

And that, my dear readers, is Extemp!