Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega (film)

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Alpha and Omega promised to be a good film – its marketing seemed to present it as a fun adventure for children, yet with enough substance for more mature audiences. As I watched the beginning of the film, however, I had second thoughts. Everything seemed so random and cliché, as if put together hastily or without forethought. As the movie progresses, you may spot some familiar scenes – which appear to resemble Disney’s Lion King somewhat. The film appears to be trying too hard – making a half-baked attempt at being serious and emotional, yet resulting in confusion and uncertainty. The film however, is not an utter failure. Although the plot is unsatisfactory in many cases, one must keep in mind the audience. This movie is terrific for young children, as they are not yet the critics of blockbuster films that mature movie watchers often become. They may catch onto the wonder that is yet available for them to grasp, and Alpha and Omega may prove to be a very enjoyable film.  I was not so disinterested as to stop the movie completely, and would consider it a fairly good film all around. It generated that same magic that so many DreamWorks movies seem to produce, yet in short bursts. It conveyed emotional sentiment and could easily connect with its audience at times, it worked out character development and generated suspense. While I would not recommend this film to those movie watchers who are rather more interested in films such as Inception, Iron Man, [etc.] than the animated spectrum of the movie industry, I would not entirely direct animation-apt movie watchers away from the film. It’s simple, yet not overly cheesy. It simply doesn’t contain the fluid and indescribable feel of many more thought-out films.


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  1. I love that movie

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