Open Season 3

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Open Season 3 follows after its successors in its approach to comedy, which goes to say, if you can’t stand movies like Gulliver’s Travels, or any of the previous films in the Open Season series, then this movie is certainly not for you.

In this latest addition to the series, we find Boog is arranging a “guy’s trip,” an all-guys camping tradition. Though there’s one problem… everyone is too busy to go. Whether it’s Elliot watching the kids, or  the gophers building their seasonal dam – nobody is available. Dismayed, Boog journeys out on his own, determined to make the best guys trip ever, accompanied only by a bunny and his teddy bear plushy. Boog soon comes across a circus, and decides to take a look inside. There he discovers a fellow bear named Doug, who tricks him into helping him escape, then trapping Boog inside. Will Boog escape, or be trapped forever in the circus? Filled with comedy, and a touch of romance – this movie is sure to please fans previously acquainted with the series.


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