The Magic Behind Post-A-Day 2011

Writer L. Frank Baum, writing with pen.

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There is a certain magic behind the Post-A-Day & Post-A-Week challenges. They have the potential, when utilized correctly, to expand the limits of your writing abilities – sharpening them into a fine, masterful point. They ignite the creative spark within their participants mind, and bring dormant flames rising out of the ashes of Writer’s Block and closed minds.

As I’ve participated in the Post-A-Day 2011 challenge, I’ve discovered that inspiration has become easier to attain. By a constant habit of meeting deadlines – day after day and week after week, I’ve driven a stake through the common writer’s ditch of procrastination, and taken on an increasingly forward approach to my writing.

Listed below are four tips to help get you the most out of your Post-A-Day and Post-A-Week challenges:

1. Don’t settle for the minimum – if you’re in Post A Week, make a full-fledged attempt at posting each day, without putting it off, that way you may just find yourself coming closer and closer to a Post A Day mindset of consistency.
2. Don’t by afraid to make extra posts, especially if you’re participating in the Post A Day challenge. This will provide the maximum writing workout you’re looking for.
3. Store up acorns for the winter! Record any and all ideas you have for your blog in your drafts, and return to them frequently for necessary revisions and elaborations. This will aid in keeping you up with your goals, even when you may be running short on time.
4. Pre-heat the Oven: Many of the best recipes out there require you to pre-heat your oven, and so too may it prove useful, even essential, to set some of your completed drafts on auto-publish. This is especially handy when you’re going on a vacation or business trip where you may or may not be able to update and fully manage your blog. You can set drafts to publish day after day at the same time, or mix it up a little if you so desire.

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  1. Good stuff–thanks for the tips & inspiration! For me, the biggest hurdle to staying on course for the post-a-day challenge has been limited connectivity. I’ve been on the road lately more than I’ve been home, and I still have not made the leap to carrying a Blackberry or similar device. The only thing that’s saved my bacon has been a bit of foresight & the WordPress scheduling feature!
    Again, I like your leadership style, and really appreciate the advice and motivation 🙂

    • Most appreciated! Connectivity is certainly an issue, and I’ve found myself cutting it close with “blog deadlines” while I’m not home. WordPress’ scheduling feature is an invaluable asset to bloggers.

      Thanks for the great comment!

  2. postadaychallenge2011

    I love No.2 “don’t be afraid to write extra topics, or posts in a day.” Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Glad you find use of it! I’m certainly attempting to achieve that goal of writing more than one post each day. I’ll certainly be able to do it (a few extra posts a week or so) once all my drafts are completed.

  3. Hey, I’m enjoying the postaday2011 challenge too, though I must admit, I don’t really feel that I’m stretching myself beyond the post-every-day factor! that’s ok for the time being…I’ll pick it up as I get stronger.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I hope that you’re site is doing really well.


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