What happened to the blockbusters? Reflection on Movies that “Made History (2010)”

A Christmas Carol (2009 film)

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch ...

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Iron Man 2

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Although there are many great movies currently out – there’s few that can really take on the same effect as many of the blockbuster movies in the past. The Iron Man series brought marval fans, and average movie watchers alike, to the theaters for a film genre that would possibly have, otherwise, have been unappealing. The Chronicles of Narnia as well, though debatably lacking in some parts of the series, will leave behind a last film legacy – having masterfully painted a wonderful new image for the C.S. Lewis book series, and given a wholesome movie for virtually the entire family. In a similar fashion, Disney’s A Christmas Carol, gave a fresh look of insight and imagination unto Charles Dicken’s beloved classic – with some of the latest technology in the business, the film attained various life-like qualities, without skimping on the storyline, or swerving from the original focus, as many critics thought of the brilliantly, high-end graphics film Tron: Legacy.

I look forward to many terrific films this year – with the promise of many prequels, even threequels, to come – and greatly hope they will provide yet another, blockbuster movie experience.


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  1. I know I’ve been to so many terrible movies (with my granddaughters) and some good ones. Chronicles of Narnia stand out as one series that is pretty good.

    • It certainly has had a great deal of work put into it, and I hope the series will further develop. It is quite difficult, however, to find a quality movie. With so many low-budget, or simply poorly casted, films.

  2. Captain Jacks coming back this year! Disneys “A Christmas Carol” bothered me a bit as I recall Dickens did that one. It felt like a slight to me at least. I like your blog in fact read it daily! Good job!

  3. I just saw this movie just recently. It was SO funny!


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