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3DS Photography (3DS Series #004)

Today we’ll take a look at all the creative things players can accomplish with the Nintendo 3DS – with a simple gallery of pictures I’ve designed with the system itself. It’s amazing what you can do with AR Games and the 3DS Camera!

Tomorrow you can learn how to make your own graphics such as the ones displayed!

It’s a World of Mii (3DS Series #003)

For Nintendo Wii owners, Mii should be nothing new. Now the wonderful

Mii screenshot taken with Nintendo 3DS Camera.

world of Mii will be available to owners of the Nintendo 3DS! Take a picture of yourself, choose a few options, and let the Mii creator figure out the rest! Or develop everything manually yourself. Once your Mii avatar is created, you can participate in the preinstalled 3DS game, Mii Plaza. Here you may gather other Mii’s into your plaza via street pass, and trade your Mii with others through the same way. Once you’ve collected enough Mii’s, you can participate in the puzzle game (through which you collect puzzle pieces from play tokens and Mii’s which have visited your plaza)- or my favorite, Find Mii.

Find Mii is a mini-game within a mini-game, with somewhat of a story to go along with it. Your Mii – which you worked so hard to create, has been kidnapped! Hire warriors with Play Coins (coins earned from jogging/walking with your Nintendo 3ds – while in sleep mode, up to 10 per day. Earn one every 100 steps) to fight off the ghosts holding your Mii, or invite visiting Mii’s from your plaza to join the fight! As hired warriors will be your primary asset in this game, you should no doubt look into their abilities! Each colored warrior (shirt color) has a different power, such as – purple for poison, white for light, green for strength, etc. As well as special abilities, warriors are also organized into rank – Rank 1 & 2. Rank 2 are the most powerful, and should be saved for last. Rank 1 warriors should be used for magic and risky attacks. As a sound note of strategy, I’d recommend using a purple warrior immediately when you begin your battle, to navigate to one, simply select “Next Warrior.” Then use his poison magic! This will damage the ghosts each turn during the fight – very handy. Save up your play coins for two days and you’ll have the maximum number of 10 warriors which you may control. More warriors means more variety, so I’d recommend this approach!

Top Applications (3DS Series #002)

With the speedy arrival of the Nintendo 3DS comes a fairly lengthy wait-time


It's Mii! One of the Mii's I've created, and the one I primarily use! This photograph was taken using one of AR Games many features! Have fun interacting with the 3D World, but don't forget the ever-present, real-world!

for games, as well as features. The 3DS Web Browser is not yet available, relying on a future update to begin operation. That leaves users with the choice of preinstalled applications, and whatever else comes along with the next update – which goes to say, update your system regularly!

How to Update your 3DS

To update your system, first turn on the 3DS, via the bottom right-hand power button. On the menu, use your stylus or control + pad to navigate to the wrench icon called System Settings. Select it by pressing the “A” button, or simply tapping the icon with your stylus. From the System settings menu, tap the other Other Settings icon. Now that you’re on the Other Settings menu, simply tap the right arrow navigator with your stylus, until you see the System Update option on the fourth tab – or simply click the number four at the top of the touch screen. Tap System Update, and then tap “OK.” If you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed, select I Accept. Otherwise, if you cannot agree to the terms, select I Decline, and the update process will be cancelled. Now tap okay, and leave the rest to your 3DS system, until another “OK” prompt appears. Tap “OK” and your system will automatically restart, no other action is require on your part to return to the Main Menu.

Out of all the applications currently available, I already have my favorites. Practically acting as stand-alone games themselves, these apps are sure to keep 3DS users busy until their copy of Street Fighter, Lego Star Wars III, and whatnot arrive.

Adventure Writer’s Top 5 3DS Applications

(All Free & Included)

  1. AR Games: The Augmented Reality Games feature could have been marketed as a separate video game entirely, with its vast selection of primary features, and subfeatures.
  2. Mii Plaza: A fun, street-pass based application with an entertaining “Find Mii” MMORPG.
  3. Face Raiders: Take a picture of yourself, friends, whoever! And let the fun begin. The picture will instantly find itself blasted into the 3rd Dimension and snugly fit into a battle helmet. Players may be further entertained by blasting the 3-dimensional likeness of the photographed person into oblivion in the Face Raiders mini-game, which has been further brought to life with various animations and moments of maniacal laughter.
  4. Nintendo 3DS Sound: For players familiar with the Nintendo DSi, they may find all the old features of DSi Sound and many new additions! Now you can organize your music into individual play lists, shuffle your music, let your 3D parakeet companion pick a song for the day, and more!
  5. Nintendo 3DS Camera: With all the fun features of the Nintendo DSi camera comes the 3DS camera! Now with the ability to take 3-D photography, and linked to dozens of applications such as AR Games, this app dominates its predecessor!
  • For complete details on all these applications and more, continue reading the Adventure Writer Blog for daily posts and reviews!

The Nintendo 3DS (3DS Series #001)

Welcome to the Nintendo 3DS Series! Your source for in-depth information on the Nintendo 3DS!

Introduction: An Instant Hit

The Nintendo 3DS, released yesterday for North America, has already found its

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

way into many homes in Japan, Europe, and some lucky pre-order’s that were made before the release date. This latest system, abounding with features, is already a hit, and it’s select video games are at the top of Amazon’s bestsellers in their respective categories. My 3DS shipment arrived earlier today, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed, having finally been able to experience the proposed 3-D gameplay for myself. The one question I have wondered, as well as many others, is the legitimacy of the systems 3-D capabilities.

Experiencing 3-Dimensional Graphics

The key to the Nintendo 3Ds’ graphics is it’s depth slider. As you raise the slider upwards, the depth increases, until – at it’s peak, you experience the graphics as they were meant to be seen. Everything, from it’s menu to any of it’s menu features, is in 3D – which may be overwhelming to a first time player.


The whole package! Nintendo 3DS and AR Game Cards, though there’s more than meets the eye…

It’s highly suggested that you start off with 2-D and slowly move up as you go, letting your eyes adjust. It’s like waking up with 3-D glasses on during an action-packed 3-D movie (which someone has placed you in, from your bed to the theater) and the first thing you look at is the screen – you’ll be heavily disoriented. Move the system an arms length away from your sight and work from there – even standing with it until you feel comfortable would be an option. It takes time to adjust to the graphics, but when you’re comfortable with it, the results are astounding. The Nintendo 3DS truly does let its players experience 3D without glasses, with the same exact same effect as a 3-D movie (debatably, even greater). After playing the game a second time, hours later, my eyes have adjusted to the graphics quite well, without any discomfort whatsoever.

If the above tips don’t work for you, then an alternative method may prove more effective. When you get the system, ensure that the 3D depth slider is raised as far up as it may go – providing the greatest level of depth. In my own case, I discovered the previous method to work quite well, but become a bit disoriented when I adjusted the depth slider. Either utilize the full 3-D effect, or switch to 2-D, the middle is quite pointless and ineffective.

Next on the 3DS Series…

Applications! Get an inside look at all the games and apps available on the system the moment you buy it!


Graphic by Adventure Writer, made using the Nintendo 3DS AR Games App.

The Nintendo 3DS Series Starts Tomorrow

Nintendo 3DS "Target Shooting" hands...

Image via Wikipedia: Lian Chang

As long as the UPS shipment makes it on time, the Nintendo 3DS series should officially commence tomorrow. I’ll explore all the different features of the Nintendo 3DS, and how it compares to the DSi – including whether or not it’s worth the purchase if you already own a DS system.

Throughout the year I’ll cover various 3D compatible games, and post 3-D photography.

The official release date for the Nintendo 3DS is TODAY (March 27th), although shipments were made yesterday, and stores such as Target have had systems available for consumers to try out since last week.

DP Photo Journal: Ocean

What on this Earth is like the beauty and magnificence of the seemingly boundless ocean?

Nintendo 3DS & Scorpia Rising

With the Nintendo 3DS on its way, and Scorpia Rising as a work in progress, you can certainly expect a continues line of reviews  this week and next!

Tomorrow I’ll post another gallery for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

As always, thanks for reading!

-Adventure Writer Blog

Peace Child

Topographic map of New Guinea. Created with GM...

Image via Wikipedia

Peace Child speaks volumes of the mission field – providing a fresh perspective on the efforts missionaries undergo as pioneers to evangelize unreached tribes and people groups.  The descriptions Mr. Richardson poses to the reader are both vivid and thought-provoking – engaging the reader’s attention with riveting, fast-paced narratives of primitive jungle treachery and the escalating tension of his mission effort, as well as deep, spiritual sentiments which succeed in establishing a sense of Christian passion and involvement, attaching the reader with a strong emotional connection.  It is the true and not uncommon story, of a man and his wife, who without regard for their own safety and welfare, seek the will of God as he takes them to a land in dire need of His Word.  The dedication the Richardson’s put forth, and the compassion they show towards the Sawi people of New Guinea is a perfect example of the beauty God’s work ensues, and the great leaps – beyond physical and mental barriers, for which God’s Holy Spirit provides remedy.

The biography once again presented me, as so many other Christian testimonies have before, with a profound desire to be part of God’s plan.  To resist the temptation and futile attempt to direct my own life with selfish ambition, and rather to give myself up, in all areas of my life, as a Holy sacrifice to God, seeking His will and plan in all things.  It stands as a challenge and conviction, a motivator and passion-builder, from one Christian life to another.  God’s ways are unfathomable and unsearchable, and His work is something we are privileged to take part in – if we so choose to do so.  By yielding ourselves to Him we grow spiritually, and open up the doors to true love, righteousness, and selflessness which leads to conforming of ourselves to Christ.  Doing God’s work and avidly desiring His Word as daily sustenance, we traverse from the mundane to the incomparable – from our vapor-in-the-wind existences, to the eternal praise and glorification of our Father.

DP Photo Journal: Home

One things that never fails to baffle – or incomprehensibly amaze me, is the tremendously awe-inspiring environment to which millions of people claim the emotionally-attached, and ancestrally rooted title of home. The grand peaks of Colorado, the beauty of Parisian design and culinary art in France, the rich green hills of Ireland and the white crested ocean waves which clash with its rugged shores, even a seemingly endless city scape to the unaccustomed country-born folk – much of which is an everyday, run-of-the-mill environment for their inhabitants. Below you may catch but a mere glimpse of these tremendous locations…

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DP Photo Journal: Spring

Certainly one of my favorite times of year – where flowers overcome the frost of winter, and life begins again.

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