Premium Themes: Are they worth the cost?


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WordPress introduced a new line of premium themes recently, being Pretty Young Theme, Traction, and Crisp. But are they worth the one-time cost of 45-75 dollars?

It is as I stated in a comment once,

“[They] are… truly impressive themes. And certainly worth the money if you want to enhance your blog to such an extent.”

The time and effort taken to make these themes is evident, and the cleanliness, organization, & overall appeal is quite astounding in some remarks. Paying a fee of 45$, in a one-time exchange no less, seems to be quite a deal.

Yet who’s it for? Although I may not be buying a Premium Theme anytime soon, it’s certainly something I’ll consider in the future when I’ve published my novels. They are terrific for organizations – big and small, and simply recreational blogs, as long as they have the sufficient funds.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve been eye-balling those premium themes myself. At this point, I don’t yet see a compelling “need” for myself to have one, but I’m certainly giving it more and more thought. Currently, I’m using the “Choco” theme, and I’m really happy with it–it goes well with a “journal entry” kind of approach, which suits me just fine for now.

    Speaking of your future novels, how goes the battle?


    • Certainly, there’s many free themes that are sufficient.

      The battle goes rather poorly, as we’re at bit of an armistice at the moment. I have a variety of deadlines I must meet, and will be most busy until next week – after that, I’ll be able to get down to work and nail down a solid foundation for my novels – my mystery novel in particular will need significant additions.

      Thanks for asking, and I appreciate the comment!

  2. Are they worth the cost? I don’t know. I seems kinda dumb to have themes sometimes.


  3. hmmm, yes, I was wondering what the difference between ‘premium’ themes and the normal ones were.

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