Coming March 22nd…

After the Storm

Ever heard of the calm before the storm? Well this is the calm... AFTER the storm.

…the latest novel by Anthony HorowitzScorpia Rising!

Being the last installment in the series, there is a dramatically high expectation for this novel – and I’m looking forward to a good show. Will the novel meet its readers’ hopes, or fail to make the grade?

Be sure to look for the review on the Adventure Writer Blog a week or so after March 22nd (It’ll take awhile to read).


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  1. hi Adventure Writer–did you read Suzanne Collin’s ‘Hunger Game’ trilogy? What was your opinion if so?

  2. Actually, I have, and I wrote a review on the final installment quite a while ago.
    I have various conflicting views of the series, depending on which novel is in question. In a general overview, it is a well-written series, with a finely tuned plot structure. Certainly earned the awards it has gained.

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