Nintendo 3DS: Getting the Right Price

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One of the most challenging parts of being a wise consumer is finding the right price at the right time. It takes research – and a great deal of patience. The Nintendo 3DS is no exception, and it has taken me some time to ascertain all the facts, opinions, and prices available on the net – as well as local markets. Amazon constantly pops up, along with the promising, and somewhat misleading phrases of “tax-free” and “free shipping,” taking into account that offers are limited to both time and location.

When I started thinking about where I’d purchase my 3DS, I almost instantly came up

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with GameStop, though I found their prices to be average and had to keep on looking. Finally I settled on target – with their 1$ in-store pre-order card and in-sort pick-up, as well as the offer of a 5$ gift card and 5% discount from their Red Card, a decent offer made itself known. Although taking into account all these things – including tax, the finally price is settled at around $250 even. Not exactly satisfactory… but certainly an easier deal to make, considering I won’t have to worry about the extra toll sales tax will take.


UPDATE: When I visited Target, I found I was too late for the 5$ gift card incentive. Although the 5% discount still had quite a bit of appeal. I went back to Amazon and discovered I could get free shipping, if I so chose (I settled with 1-day), and a bonus 25$ credit for a select Nintendo 3DS Games, as well as 10$ off yet another select game after that. In the end, I settled with Amazon.


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