Peace Child

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Peace Child speaks volumes of the mission field – providing a fresh perspective on the efforts missionaries undergo as pioneers to evangelize unreached tribes and people groups.  The descriptions Mr. Richardson poses to the reader are both vivid and thought-provoking – engaging the reader’s attention with riveting, fast-paced narratives of primitive jungle treachery and the escalating tension of his mission effort, as well as deep, spiritual sentiments which succeed in establishing a sense of Christian passion and involvement, attaching the reader with a strong emotional connection.  It is the true and not uncommon story, of a man and his wife, who without regard for their own safety and welfare, seek the will of God as he takes them to a land in dire need of His Word.  The dedication the Richardson’s put forth, and the compassion they show towards the Sawi people of New Guinea is a perfect example of the beauty God’s work ensues, and the great leaps – beyond physical and mental barriers, for which God’s Holy Spirit provides remedy.

The biography once again presented me, as so many other Christian testimonies have before, with a profound desire to be part of God’s plan.  To resist the temptation and futile attempt to direct my own life with selfish ambition, and rather to give myself up, in all areas of my life, as a Holy sacrifice to God, seeking His will and plan in all things.  It stands as a challenge and conviction, a motivator and passion-builder, from one Christian life to another.  God’s ways are unfathomable and unsearchable, and His work is something we are privileged to take part in – if we so choose to do so.  By yielding ourselves to Him we grow spiritually, and open up the doors to true love, righteousness, and selflessness which leads to conforming of ourselves to Christ.  Doing God’s work and avidly desiring His Word as daily sustenance, we traverse from the mundane to the incomparable – from our vapor-in-the-wind existences, to the eternal praise and glorification of our Father.


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