Activity Log (3DS Series #006)

Activity Log made its debut on the Nintendo 3DS, included with other preinstalled applications. With this application you can monitor the steps you take each day, and earn rewards called Play Coins! That is, if you take your 3DS wherever you go (which is why 3DS cases and mini backpacks are invaluable for on the go). You may earn a total of ten play coins a day, one for every hundred steps you make – which really isn’t too hard! Play coins are spent by hiring warriors at Mii Plaza (as well as purchasing puzzle pieces), unlocking additional mini-games and mini-apps on AR Games, and possibly on additional applications that appear with future updates. Have to include some incentive to exercise after all that gaming!

As well as monitoring the steps you take each day, Activity Log also keeps track of every game and application you ever play on your 3DS, as well as your Play Times for that game or app, and other little observations such as Times Played, Average Play Times, First Played [Date], and Last Played [Date], in a mini virtual book called your Software Library.

If you’re interested in how your games rank, accumulating all the time you’ve spent on your Nintendo 3DS, then the Ranking tab in the Software Library is for you!

My top applications are…

  1. Nintendo 3DS Sound
  2. AR Games
  3. StreetPass Mii Plaza
  4. System Settings (constantly checking for updates!)
  5. White Knuckles

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