One of the Biggest Reviews Yet…

…will be undertaken very soon. One of the biggest reviews for the Adventure Writer Blog, that is. Over the next few days I’ll be compiling information regarding the Nintendo 3DS, except for updates here and there, it’ll make the end  the Nintendo 3DS series. I hope to thoroughly analyze the system and summarize all the components already discussed – then to wrap it up with a final overview of the 3DS and my opinion therein.

Shortly afterwards (or perhaps before), I’ll post a review for Anthony Horowitz’s latest novel, Scorpia Rising. I can already say its a “smashing good read!” Full of suspense, and great character development.

In the meantime, we’ll have business as usual. The Weekly Photo Challenge, a few Daily Post topics, and whatever else comes my way! I may be able to incorporate some elements (for the blog) from my novels once they are copyrighted and ready to go!

From the continuos writing of reviews, and various other posts, as well as the observations I’ve gathered from blogs around WordPress, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must make an effort to lengthen my posts. Considering I’ll have a significant amount of time Friday on, until the next week, I’ll be working on honing my “posting” skills, and coming up with drafts that are both sufficient in length, and attractive in quality – ending, I hope, in a habit of doing likewise from that point on.

As always – thanks for reading! All comments are most appreciated, and even when I don’t have time to respond to them, you may be assured that I read them all as they come in – my e-mail notification ensures that.

-Adventure Writer


About The Game Detective

Hello, my dear Watsons, I'm The Game Detective.

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