Delayed Again

There’s delays on airplanes and at airports, delays with product release dates, and even diplomacy & government related delays – just take a look at our close-call U.S. government shutdownn!

For the purposes of the Adventure Writer Blog, I’d like to call that rescheduling. 😉 In regards to the Nintendo 3DS review, it sems to have grown into quite a collosal creation – incorporating all Nintendo 3DS & DS Series information discussed thus far and expanding upon it in one bulk guide to the 3DS/DS Series. Think of it as, to use a popular term, a review “on steroids.”

Despite this somewhat large delay, the Adventure Writer Blog will continue as usual – which is to say, jam-packed with photographs, reviews, creative writing, Daily Post prompt answers, and so on!

In other news, today my suggested prompt was featured on Daily Post: if you could pilot any vehicle/mode of transport, what would it be & why? I’ll try and answer that sometime in the not-so-near future!

Adventure Writer

P.S.- Some of the grammar mistakes and lack of information seems quite unnerving to me – expect changes!


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Hello, my dear Watsons, I'm The Game Detective.

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