DISCLAIMER! My Review Has Been Eaten by a Collosal FAQ

A FAQ, Guide, whatever you want to call it – my writing has once again carried me away into a project of mass proportions.

While writing my review on the Nintendo 3DS, I decided to follow my usual critiquing format. Brief description, public opinion, explanation, personal opinion, and thoughtful conclusion. However, as I followed this process, I felt something was missing – rather, that it wasn’t enough. After all this talk of a 3DS Finale Review, only to release a measly paragraph or two? No – it had to have more information, as well as intriguing content and visuals – this is what I hope to pull off tomorrow!

Be sure to comment on my review and let me know what you think – even more important, if it answered any questions you have (and you can feel free to ask any questions I didn’t answer)!

After this collosal monster-review is posted, I have two more average-sized reviews to post! Fun fun fun. Well, I joined the PostADay challenge for practice & competitive motivation and I’m definitely getting plenty of both!


About The Game Detective

Hello, my dear Watsons, I'm The Game Detective.

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