The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk (film)

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The Incredible Hulk was one of the most recent portrayals of the Hulk, first premiering in theaters in June 2008 [1], and the cast could not have been more brilliant. The film provides an ingenious, fresh perspective on the classic Hulk -touching upon his rarely explored emotional side. Marvel fans may expect the usual HULK SMASH – action sequences, side-by-side with deeply rooted character development.

The Incredible Hulk wastes no time reflecting on the past, and at the beginning of the film we receive only a few minutes review on Bruce Banner’s (the Hulk) life – his transformation into the Hulk, his romantic interest in Betty, the General’s persistant hunt for him, and his eventual move to the  isolation of South America where the film begins. Bruce has begun a new life, though remains searching for a cure with the help of a mysterious scientist codenamed Mr. Blue who communicates via a secure line on a computer. His new life entails working in a soda factory, where he accepts no pay for fear of being tracked by United States military, and ultimately the General. Yet one day, his past comes back to haunt him. After accidentally scratching his arm, a drop of blood falls into two of the soda bottles – Bruce quickly orders the assembly line to be stopped and quickly locates where a droplet fell, and quickly wipes it away – yet he misses a bottle a fair ways away that still contains another drop of blood. The soda is consumed by a man in the United States, who finds himself affected by the toxicity of Banner’s blood, and this incident is traced by the military. A highly trained force is set out to find him, and the hunt begins. Bruce soon finds himself cornered and forced into a state of anger and fear – can he escape the clutches of the general, or will he once again be faced with the inescapable Hulk?

At the end of the film, Robert Downy Jr. makes an appearance as Tony Stark, linking this film to the rest of the Avenger-related films.

The Incredible Hulk is rated PG-13 and isn’t suitable for young children – there is some sexual content, but the real issue is the intense graphic violence that is entailed. Not the level of Saving Private Ryan, but preferably suited for ages 13 or 14+.


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