Tron (1982)

Tron (film)

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The original Tron certainly isn’t like our modern Tron: Legacy, with all its brilliant graphics and special effects. Rather, it brings back memories of Star Wars: A New Hope, yet toned down in its realism. For example: Master Control, the movie’s prime protagonist, resembles an old cartoon character – somewhat silly, and not at all malevolent – even though it is intended to be the tyrannical dictator of The Grid.

Tron follows the efforts of Kevin Flynn (original creator of the ENCOM programs, though had the credit stolen from him) whose goal is to hack into the ENCOM system (The Grid), fighting against the evil Master Control. When his home-based efforts fail, he heads to ENCOM headquarters where he attempts to infiltrate the system and give access to a fellow scientist to add his program which should effectively remove Master Control. While attempting this, Master Control fires a “quantum teleportation [1]” laser at Flynn, digitalizing him and sending him into The Grid. From here the movie takes on the perspective of programs within The Grid, where programs have emotions – including romance. It somewhat resembles  Kevin manages to gather together a group of programs and ultimately destroy Master Control, and gather ample proof to prove he was the creator of the original programs, which leads him to become the new CEO.

In conclusion, although the movie may have been a technological achievement in 1982, it may prove a bit “cheesy” for modern movie-watchers. Violence is unrealistic and suitable for general audiences.


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