Scorpia Rising: The Final Chapter

Cover of "Scorpia (Alex Rider 5)"

Cover of Scorpia (Alex Rider 5) [Much like that of Scorpia Rising

It is time for the final mission – the last adventure in the New York Times bestselling series, Alex Rider, by author Anthony Horowitz. Whether a returning fan or a newly acquainted reader, this action-packed thriller is sure to please with every page.

We join Alex Rider where we left off – the end of his life as a spy. After completing dozens of missions for MI6 (British Intelligence) Alex can finally return to a normal life… or can he? While at school, Alex once again finds himself caught in the cross hairs of a sniper. He escapes, but one of his best friends takes a bullet. Alex vows revenge, enraged that the world of espionage has once again reared it’s ugly head and invaded his life at home. Jack Starbright, Alex’s housekeeper (and sole guardian, due to the death of his parents and uncle), and Alex meet with two of the top honcho’s of British Intelligence. Alan Blunt, the chief, decides it would be safer for Alex to be relocated to the Middle East, until a safer time, and provides him a seemingly harmless task to do while there. What he doesn’t know, however, is that Scorpia (a worldwide criminal organization) is pulling all the strings, and there will only be one person returning home alive.

It’s a tremendously well written novel, with ingenious literary devices and page-to-page suspense. It, however, expects the reader to have grown with the series. It’s incorporation of methods of torture and periods of violence are intended for teens and adults – not young children. A fantastic end to a wonderful series!


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