Jonny Diaz: 2011

Jonny Diaz

Image by susieq3c via Flickr

A short while ago I purchased my first Jonny Diaz album, which I enjoyed quite at the same level as the Passion series. Each song is significantly different from the others, even incorporating a humorous, country-style bonus song about the ever-popular Chick-fil-A.

The album includes such songs as:

01: Delights In You

02: Break My Heart

03: God Is Watching

04: Cross The Line

05: Beauty Of The Cross

06: Figured Out

07: Love I’m Living For

08: How Can It Be

09: Weeps For You

10: Here And Someday

11: What Water Can Do

It’s a refreshing, and most beautiful at times (Weeps for You and What Water Can Do are prime examples), contemporary Christian mix. I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with the Christian passion that is infused.


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