10 Things to Do This Summer

Wheat in the Hulah valley, 2007

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In response to today’s Daily Post topic, here’s some things I plan to do this summer (in no particular order).

1. Read: Lots and lots of books

2. Finish writing my book

3. Exhaustively revise my book

4. Attain a copyright registration for my book

5. Locate an agent

6. Strike a deal and publish my book

7. Review upcoming films

8. Spend time with friends and family

9. Review up and coming novels

10. Make it through summer with the WP Post-A-Day 2011 Challenge!


About The Game Detective

Hello, my dear Watsons, I'm The Game Detective.

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  1. Jackie Paulson Author

    Good luck with your book and if you can finish and help me on mine I would love it.

  2. Good luck and after you help Jackie, mine will be ready.

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