You Can’t Avoid It Forever

Goals… they seem great when you plan them, but when it comes down to achieving them, procrastination is suddenly right there with you. That’s my dilemma right now with my book – write ten pages a day for a few weeks, revise the novel, find a good agent, then get published!

Simple, right?

Not so simple.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with various writing techniques, seeing how I may incorporate them into my book. The problem is, many of them either appear trite or unconventional, taking away the morale and literary momentum I had previously attained. Tomorrow will hopefully change that – time to take to the pen with a greater determination!

Coming up, my review on True Grit!


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Hello, my dear Watsons, I'm The Game Detective.

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  1. Getting an agent is so difficult. I dream one day of finding one that will work hard to get my book published. Best of luck in your search!

    My writing blog:

  2. Most appreciated! Best of luck in your endeavor as well. And a splendid blog!

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