Latest WordPress Theme: Piano Black

I recently tried out Piano Black on one of my blogs to see if it met up with the same standards I’ve grown accustomed to with Mystique. In it’s abilities, it reminded my of Freshy, a nice simple theme without the addition of post formats, etc. The style, however, is another matter entirely. Once applied to your blog, Piano Black provides dramatic “renovations,” especially if, like I once did, you currently have Freshy. Not only is it a darker theme than most, it also would appear to be more elegant, utilizing smooth black-to-white gradients, a fitting contrast between light and dark themes – culminating into a nice curve on the bottom of the page. It’d be great for pop culture blogs, suspenseful writing blogs, and maybe even a new blog. It has an abundance of potential, considering the possible addition of a banner can add a unique touch fitting with any sort of blog genre. I must say it’s quite impressive! It’s not astoundingly complex or as high-end as some bloggers may require, but it adds a great, irreplaceable tone to whatever blog equips it.


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