Nintendo Video™

Nintendo Video™ is the latest free software released by Nintendo via Nintendo eShop for the 3DS. It provides weekly streaming of animations, movie trailers, music videos, comedy sketches, and other handpicked selections all in 3D. After each week’s update, old content from the previous week is deleted and replaced with new videos, and Nintendo advises users to watch their videos as soon possible before they are removed.

Video Schedule –

Week One

What is Nintendo Video?

A quick, 22 second introduction of Nintendo Video™, given the description of “Watch this now!” First released 7/21/2011.

Captain America

A 3D trailer featuring the new Captain America film by MARVEL. Gives a great taste of what you’ll be seeing in the film without giving any spoilers away.

Sunday Jog

A seemingly cute… yet incredibly twisted animated short about a couple of blocks (literally, blocks made of pixels) going on a romantic Sunday stroll when they are suddenly attacked by a mutant red block. The couple runs away from the giant red block in a comedic fashion, until all three plummet into a vault of chemicals. The red block evidently perishes, with two new blocks (the couple) now rising to take its place and terrorize the city. And thus life continues in an endless cycle of tragic mutations.

Dinosaur Office

A comedic short, created by College Humor, about two dinosaurs working in an office with a T-Rex boss. It resembles Sunday Jog in that it also contains an abundance of wry, twisted humor.

As for Captain America, I saw the movie today and quite enjoyed it! It'll certainly be posting a positive review tomorrow (make that Monday) with only a few areas of criticism.

Week Two

The Smurfs Trailer

All Is Not Lost by OK Go

Pizza Quest



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