The 3DS’ Shocking Price Drop

In an e-mail to Nintendo DS News subscribers today, Nintendo announced that it would be lowering the new Nintendo 3DS system’s retail price from a hefty $249.99 to


Nintendo 3DS Logo displayed on 3DS System

an unforeseen $169.99, closer to that of the DSi’s $149.99. Although this is great news for potential buyers of the 3DS, it presents a potential aggregation to current owners which have already paid the originally immemse sum. To this, however, Nintendo has an answer.

The Ambassadors Program, in effect September 1st, will be open to all current 3DS owners that visit the Nintendo eShop at least once on their 3DS systems before midnight (EST) on August 11th (day of the price drop is Aug. 12th). This program will provide ambassadors with twenty (20) free Nintendo eShop games, including Super Mario Bros.™, Donkey Kong Jr.™, Balloon Fight™, Ice Climber™ and The Legend of Zelda™, both before and after they are released to the public. The remaining ten games, Nintendo states,

…will be available exclusively to Ambassadors, and Nintendo currently has no plans to make these 10 games available to the general public [outside of the program] on the Nintendo 3DS in the future.

These titles include Yoshi’s Island™: Super Mario™ Advance 3, Mario Kart™: Super Circuit, Metroid™ Fusion, WarioWare™, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ and Mario vs. Donkey Kong™.

At the end of the announcement, Nintendo adds,

More details about this program will be announced in the future.

Which will provide for some great anticipation as to the other unnamed titles.

You can read the full article posted by Nintendo here.

As a member of the ambassador program, I’ll provide details and reviews on these releases as they happen in the month of September.

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  1. Great always looking for a sale! I’ve wanted one since I tried yours Tatoranaki!


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