Cowboys & Aliens: Movie Review

Cowboys & Aliens

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I woke up in the desert, like I’d been dropped out of the sky

Jake Lonergan [Movie Trailer]

Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) is the man with stolen alien technology, and a criminal track record to boot, as well as having the original dilemma of Jason Bourne. He’s forgotten everything – his name, his past, his home… and whatever his fancy wristband is. So when a group of outlaws decide to surround him and attempt to take him in for a possible bounty, he does the logical thing (again, like Jason Bourne) and knocks a few out cold, shooting the rest dead. He proceeds to strip a man of his clothing and horse then ride into town, breaking into a preacher’s house to use his sink to wash off, only to be held at gunpoint (you don’t mess with pastors in these parts) by the owner. After a brief explanation of, “I don’t know who I am,” the preacher, Mr. Meacham, decides to take kindly to him. Only moments after this quaint acquaintance, a barrage of stray bullets tear through the house and we’re taken back to the primary, action-oriented layout of the film. A few more character introductions, gun shots, and bar fights later, the movie starts to unfold… into what the audience likely expected from the trailers.

Where’d you get that weapon?

Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford)

I don’t know.

Jake Lonergan [Movie Trailer]

You’re coming with us.

Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde

Colonel Dolarhyde is a ruthless rogue of a man on the outside, with a caring human heart for the inside. When his son, Sheriff, and other townspeople are taken, he forms a group of men and an accompanying Ella Swenson (Olivia Wilde), to hunt after the aliens that took them.

Critical Perspective

Cowboys & Aliens could have gone wrong in so many ways… yet it only erred in a few respects. The film is another terrific blockbuster to be added to the belt of director Jon Favreau, and likely to make a [somewhat] lasting impression on the box office (although it has been a bit short of its goal [1]). The plot was in the fashion of a typical action movie.

Entrez-vous antagonist, followed by viable love interest/s, and the monter d’un cran, or call to action. Considering it’s a Western, somebody will end up riding off into the sunset, and a few poor ole’ chaps will bite the dust before the film is through… one of which ends up being (spoiler follows) Jake’s primary love interests. His original love (who was never developed much, other than identified as a prostitute) and his second love, Ella Swanson.

The film left many unanswered questions – which, depending on your perspective, may have proved quite a faux pas.

Christian & Family Analysis

Quite a few issues here…

  • The original love interest is identified as a prostitute.
  • Ella appears naked from the back, enough to indicate nudity, without revealing anything which could be deemed drastically inappropriate. The scene itself, however, although fairly void of innuendo, is still highly suggestive.
  • Christianity, as voiced by many of the film’s characters, is not properly conveyed. Mistruths are scattered hither and thither. Christian values are often contradictory with the characters behavior.
  • Plenty of violence, quite a few deaths and up-close examinations of injuries. A tad bit gory at times, however, without the extensive borderline R-rated content of war films and other more violent presentations.
  • The aliens are quite repugnant, and may prove to be quite scary to younger children. Especially when they have tentacles coming out of their chests, attempting to devour human flesh. Not kid friendly.
  • Common Sense recommends Age 13+, I’d say 14-15+ due to all the factors listed.
  • Check out for more Christian outlook resources.
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