Possible Prompts

Below is a list of prompts I’ve come up with in response to today’s DailyPost topic. I’m certain many have been used before, ideas are hardly new nowadays, though these are what came off the top of my head.

Current Events Questions:
i. If you were given the chance, how would you have “solved” the dilemma of raising the debt ceiling? Would you have utilized existing legislation, or developed your own? If you developed your own, what would this legislation entail?
ii. What do you think of the Presidential Office? How has it fared over the years? Explain.
iii. Should Americans, or any member of a particular country for that matter, be required to know basic knowledge about their country and perhaps the world? For example, the basic workings of their gov’t, their type of government, how the country is organized (provincial, states, etc.). Explain.
iv. According to an industry report, 95% of online music downloads are illegal. What do you think of this figure? Should additional action be taken to protect intellectual property on the internet, or should the music industry provide music for free? Explain. Consider the artists that create the music.
[http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/jan/16/online-music-illegal-downloads] [http://hothardware.com/News/95-of-Music-Downloads-are-Illegal-IFPI/]

Other Questions:
I. What type of pages do you usually bookmark, “like,” tweet, or favorite?
II. What are the characteristics of love? Can true love really hurt?
III. What is your favorite poem? Explain.
IV. If you could be the leader of every country in the world, simultaneously, for one day, able to pass any and all legislation you desire without question, what would you do?
V. If you had the resources to make the next blockbuster film, what would it be about?
VI. If you could tame any animal and have it as a pet, what would you choose? Explain.
VII. What sort of games did you used to play as a kid? Write about the one that first comes to mind.
VIII. (Multiple Questions) How do you define an idea as original? Are any ideas really original, or simply derivatives from another’s inspiration? Why do we have intellectual property laws? Explain.


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Hello, my dear Watsons, I'm The Game Detective.

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  1. Some great suggestions there! I do love to write about politics but the scene is so different here in Australia – I guess people are much the same all around the globe!


  2. I know we kinda think the same politically, but we have our differences.

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