DP: Make up a word and its definition

Today’s Daily Post prompt reminded me of a faux pas I made some time ago. With a slip of the tongue, followed by a moment of confusion and laughter, I had procured the word: teamship. And although a Google search seems to indicate I wasn’t the first, it makes for an interesting blog post.
Here’s my definition:
Teamship: The principle, and/or practice, of working together in a group setting to achieve a common goal. Commonly mistaken for teamwork, which is the act in itself, rather than principal (Note: I did not read the Wikipedia article for teamwork until after I had written the definition and found there was actually some common ground! Great… editors think alike?)
Etymology and Invention:

Invented when I said it during a Yearbook course by accident, suggesting a title for a divider page. The name was popular among the group at hand, but it didn’t make the cut, instead my intended word, “teamwork,” was used.


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