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National Novel Writing Month

Before the WordPress announcement about NaNoWriMo, I had no idea the event even existed!

Now that I have received news of it, however, I’m definitely interested in joining.

Whenever I write a story, I feel like I’m doing what NaNoWriMo says not to do – meticulously checking my work and being, in essence, also my greatest critic. Whenever I find myself stuck while writing a novel, it is usually due to this fact, and the mental exhaustion that comes with it. Soon writing develops into a tiresome chore rather than an enjoyable medium of creative expression.

As a result…

First off, I’m going to attempt applying the NaNoWriMo principals to the novel I’m currently working on – then when it’s done I’ll go back and make my revisions.

Second, I’ll write a second novel for NaNoWriMo and further rid myself of a frequently critical writing mindset.

If you’d like to read either novel, I should be posting excerpts sometime during or after NaNoWriMo.

-Adventure Writer

Nintendo’s Never-ending Freebies?

Nintendo seems to be on a roll as they release their second freebie (excluding the Ambassador Program’s 20 free games) to anyone with a Nintendo 3DS system and a Wi-Fi hotspot or Wireless Internet connection.

This time around its The Legend of Zelda™: Four Swords Anniversary Edition, originally the 2003 installment of the Zelda series – this one is definitely worth downloading if you have found such titles as Mega Man [Battle Network, Star Force, Zero, etc.], Mario [Land, Party, etc.], or other such “classics.” With plenty of gear to mess around with and bonus levels to achieve, Four Swords is a fun game to play in your spare time, requiring little commitment as gameplay works on a level-by-level basis.

Check out all the official details on Nintendo’s Official Site.

Félicitations WordPress, et merci! [Congrats WP, and thanks!]

If you’ve looked at the [somewhat] top of your browser recently, you’ll notice WordPress’ newest addition [or rather, revision and enhancement] to our blogging experience…

An organized and most convenient new bar!


Although I was a bit perplexed at first, wondering where all my options went, I soon found the answers I needed by selecting my name and “finding solace” in a drop-down menu.

I personally think this latest enhancement is fantastic and much more efficient!

Thanks for the hard work WordPress!


La Seine et Nouveau Ecrire

Today will be our last photograph for a while, as I’ll be back to writing reviews and other various posts!


Depicts a bridge overlooking the Seine River.

France in Fall


Paris, France - October 2010


Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces (Theatre-Style!)


I received this Chinese theatre bookmark from a foreign exchange student from China. It's certainly the most unique bookmark in my "collection."

The woes of the unorganized…

I am an INFP personality – and if you know anything about personalities, FP means I’m an internal organizer… not an external one.

In other words, although my thoughts may be in order, my desk and various belongings sometimes aren’t. Sure, I like to keep my books and papers all nice and tidy, but what about that elusive camera charger? That charger which is preventing me from taking a photograph of the Chinese bookmark I received last year and posting it on this blog. Yet all is well! Tonight was a great night, filled with some great food (five pieces of bacon, three eggs, a pancake, half a biscuit and gravy, two glasses of water…) and tomorrow will hopefully bring with it a new photograph entry to the blog, and a few movie reviews while we’re at it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

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Testing Image Submission

Alright! With this post I’m testing the possibility of sending images via e-mail directly to the blog. If this works, then this opens up some more possibilities for convinient posting.

One More Animal-Related Photograph…