Like Free Music?

Lately I’ve been getting into the habit of downloading music – something I’d rarely ever done before, I typically go the route of traditional music stores where I by a tangible album. Though for Christian music lovers like myself, there’s an abundance of free, artist-supported downloads on the net. Each month I pay a visit to KLOVE, a national Christian-radio website, which provides a free song every month (see KLOVE link). As well as the music I regularly purchase, I’ll also be reviewing and generally discussing a few of these songs.

Whatever the music you listen to, there’s plenty of freebies available on the net, but as a matter of integrity and abiding in the law, it is imperative to keep from those websites which deliberately pirate music, distributing it free across the net, without the benefit or permission of its author/artist/publisher. There’s so much ground to cover on the net – law enforcement officials can’t cover everything, and its the choice of the people to do the right thing.


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