Christopher Paolini Recounts Writing Inheritance

Today Alagaesia News, author Christopher Paolini’s official website news distributor, sent out an e-mail detailing Christopher Paolini’s experience in writing Inheritance, the last installment in the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and now Inheritance) As a writer myself, I found his account quite intriguing. Here’s a short excerpt!

The actual writing of Inheritance was every bit as scary, exciting, and soul wrenching as I expected. Despite the fact that I’ve already published three books (four if you count Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia), I’ve never actually ended a story before. Not properly. Doing so was a unique experience. When I wrote the last scene, I felt this wave of heat rush through me, and I found myself shaking as if with a fever. I didn’t cry. I didn’t wail. The moment was beyond that. Thirteen years of work and emotion brought to a head. And saying goodbye to the world and the characters wasn’t easy. I still find myself thinking about Eragon and Saphira and the other characters and wondering, What if… Funnily enough, it seemed as if nature itself was bound up in the completion of the book. I was in New York City for the last week of editing, and during that time, the city experienced both an earthquake and a hurricane.

-Christopher Paolini via Alagaesia Newsletter

It promises to be an interesting novel to be sure – I’ll be posting a review shortly after reading the novel.


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