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YouTube’s New Homepage (and User Pages)

YouTube gets a new look.

The YouTube team seems to be on top of things this year – remodeling various sections of their website to make it cleaner, easier to navigate, and… quite a bit like Gmail. I personally prefer this new look, which provides easy to locate buttons and simple revision capabilities. Plus, the new user pages are much more professional, which is especially useful for companies which utilize YouTube’s services.

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400 Years of Silence

For the first time I’m releasing part of the 400 Years of Silence 600-word story, all rights reserved.

On one cold September night, a man sat pouring over the Holy Scriptures of God. The
room was dark, but for the light of a few feeble candles, arranged around the man’s place of
reading, casting a yellow tinge against the dark stone walls. As he finished reading the final verse
of Job, his brother Mannaseh entered the study.

“Naaman, my brother!” Mannaseh exclaimed. “What are you doing reading that old
thing? It’s been four hundred years since that god of yours proclaimed anything to His people –
resign this insanity of yours!”

“Insane I may be,” began Naaman, motioning to the scriptures before him. “But these
prophecies Isaiah speaks of…”

“Forget the prophecies!” Mannaseh interjected, with an ever reddening visage. “Those
were simply lies devised by the old Kings of Israel.”

“Yet why would the kings seek their own destruction?” Naaman reasoned, his tone
measured and calm, yet with a hint of desperation. “It is by God alone that…”

“I relent brother, I relent…” cried Manasseh, storming out of the room. “I leave you to
this self-ordained madness!”

Naaman sat half-bewildered, still gazing at the last verse before him. Job didn’t have
faith either… then God revealed himself in a most glorious way. “My brother may not believe,”
Naaman said to himself. “But I feel the spirit of the Lord is strongly manifested on this night.
God will not be quiet forever, He will come after his lost sheep.

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Christmas is Right Around the Corner…

Christmas is almost here, and with it will come a plethora of fresh posts from The Adventure Writer’s Blog – ranging from winter photography, to reviews (such as Sherlock Holmes II) and more!

In preparation for Christmas time, I’ve published a play (as well as a 600-word story version) called 400 Years of Silence.

If you’re a fan of Christmas music, the K-LOVE Christian Radio station is giving away three free songs of the season, gotta love freebies.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

A close family stays together through thick and thin, even though storms may come.

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It’s File Recovery Night!

Tonight I’m dedicating some time to finding a few old manuscripts of mine which I stored digitally (flash drive, or on computer files), one of which I completed in 9th Grade (my first “full-length” novel, so to speak). I’m going to give it a look and see if there’s not something I can do to polish it up and make it publish-worthy.

LG Phone Test

Testing LG phone posting capacity, last attempt failed.

War at Our Doorstep

A colleague of mine recently informed me of a contest for participants of NaNoWriMo, and I got to work straightaway! My entry is now an eBook publication, which I’ve annotated as necessary. For any interested readers, the link is provided below (hyperlinked image).

Annotated Version with Alias

Looking into Self-Publishing

At the moment, I am currently in the publish of self-publishing a short story, as well as entering it into a contest. This should prove an interesting experience…

Prairie Storm


Encountered this storm on one of my travels, appears most menacing.