Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

And we’re back to glass refraction with Coca-Cola! If you missed my last photograph, apparently quite well-liked by viewers, you can see it here.

Light refraction through the medium of a Coca-Cola glass onto a large mirror. Made for an interesting shot. This one, however, more clearly displays the mediums involved.

About Zechariah Barrett

I enjoy writing, travelling, reviewing - and all that's entailed. I've been around the United States, and to Ireland. My most recent escapade was to Paris, France, and the countryside of this tourist-renowned nation. I am the author of "400 Years of Silence" (Duet Play & Short Story [2011-2012]), "War at Our Doorstep" (Short Story [2011-2012]), and the ongoing serialization: "The Detective Games" (2013).

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  1. Interesting colours and shapes🙂

  2. A very mysteriously wonderful play with light and colour.

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