Inheritance Has Arrived

This month feels like it should be “book month” for me, having all these fantastic novels showing up at my doorstep. Speaking of doorstep… Inheritance has finally arrived and it is a staggering 860 pages long! The House of Silk review will be out shortly, though I can’t say the same for Inheritance…


The hazy background emphasizes how far I have to read.


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  1. I am just halfway through reading it! I have waited hard long years for this final book to come out… I love the story!


    • Halfway? Impressive! Considering the novel has only been out a week and a half.
      I’m certainly looking forward to it myself and I wondered what happened to Paolini after all those years in between books.
      Thanks for the comment!

      • Well, I only started reading the book 3 days ago… I do seem to have too much time on my hands! I looked at Paolini’s wiki page and it does not talk about him being involved in any other activities; well, maybe he still likes his private life!

  2. Even more impressive, I use to be able to read such amounts, now I only have sufficient time on the weekends. Paolini’s book (as well as Horowitz’s which I am currently reading) is certainly worth the time though! I wonder about Paolini, he’d be an interesting man to meet.

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