Le Mont: Flamboyant or Subdued?

Lately I’ve been meddling in saturation – enhancing the colors in many of my photographs with, on average, fairly positive results. I’ve learned many photographs don’t need saturation, since their original quality has a certain charm to it. Photographs such as Charlemagne: Notre Dame de Paris or The Blazing Hues already embody their own personality and don’t really need any enhancement.


Here is one such photograph with which I have meddled. It certainly has a much more dramatic quality than it's original, with profound rather than subdued colors. Although I must say I rather prefer the subdued in many cases.



The original, unaltered photograph and another of my "on the move" compositions, captured in a moving vehicle (growing ever closer to the renowned Saint Michel).


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  1. I like what you did with the picture, although the gras seems a little too colourful …

  2. The first picture is more alive and stunning than the second one, although both of them are stunning

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