Historical Artifact or Modern Artifice?

As you may stipulate from my previous works, this is indeed the latter entitlement – a modern artifice. The original photograph of this bunker was taken during October 2010 (of which I am the photographer), and adjusted to appear much older than it really is.

For once, you can figure out how I did it!

On one side you’ll see the photograph in question, on the other is the color / effects manager of iMac’s Preview application. As one of Sherlock Holmes’ deductive observations, it does not appear as impressive a work when you realize how it was created so simply. Elementary!

It's an artifice all right. The photograph was taken of a WWII bunker in Normandy, France (as usual).

A similar effect was applied to my photograph of an old fashioned cash register, though with the addition of sepia tone and some other various tweaking’s.

Kansas City Photography-AW[RZ]

This is an interesting graphic I developed using a photograph I captured in Kansas City. I attempted to turn the very modern and colorful image into an older rendition of itself.

Jolly good show? Why not try it out yourself?

Nearly any graphics program will do – all you need is a suitable photograph.

For now, adieu – it would seem lunch is calling.

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