Fontaine du Palmier

When we emerged from one of the métropolitain tunnels of Paris, I caught sight of this fountain (which I didn’t know was a fountain at the time until I did a Google image-recognition search after returning to the United States) and decided to capture the moment. Although the fountain has been captured from many other different perspectives, I find this piece particularly unique, and in a good way. It incorporates the French flag, trees for balance (instead of just randomly blocking up portions of the composition, the incorporation [in my opinion] actually does more for the picture), etc.


According to Wikipedia, Le Fontaine du Palmier "was designed to provide fresh drinking water to the population of the neighborhood and to commemorate the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte." (

Yesterday I wasn’t able to make a blog post due to connection problems of some sort. Moreover, due to the other days I’ve missed this month, I’ll be posting a bit extra.


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