Gros-Horloge: The “Big Clock” of Rouen

One of our stops in France included le gros-horloge de Rouen, the big clock of Rouen, a city which I’ve posted photographs of previously (such as of their Notre Dame). When I later did some research on the clock (via Google), I found a Japanese tourist had taken a photograph extremely similar to mine, and I couldn’t help thinking I had spotted some tourists the same day and time I had captured my photograph. Albiet, I digress, voici le photo:

The Brits have Big Ben, the French have the "Big Clock" of Rouen (actually, they have the substantially more famous "Strasbourg astronomical clock"), and the Yanks (that's me! Though not in the Japanese sense of the term.), well, a whole mess of clocks.



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  1. I’ve been to this place twice. I really love Rouen!

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