Wikipedia Blackout Announced: Public Protest of SOPA

WordPress takes a stand with other online giants

The Wikimedia Corporation recently added a new banner to their website, and no, this time they’re not asking for a donation. By general consensus, the Wikipedia community has decided to initiate a blackout in approximately 3.5 hours, in order to protest SOPA legislation proposed by the United States government. The official comprehensive explanation is offered, as well as a simple homepage notice.

It is understood that although this legislation may have its benefits, it also comes with a price of providing the government with the power to remove websites after a court’s approval and restricting online freedom by placing strictures against suspected pirate websites and requiring domain owners including search engine giants such as Google, to remove any possible links related to the alleged pirate/s – a note upon which the Wikipedia community has taken a stand, claiming that the legislation is a form of censorship, and as other popular websites have stated, the likes of which China and Iran implement. Supporters of the bill dismiss these claims, yet Congress has taken note of these criticisms and the bill would appear to be losing ground. [1] [2] [3]

The time is ticking… now what am I going to do when I have some last minute research for the next 24 hours (the duration of the blackout)? I’m sure I’ll survive, but the impact of Wikipedia’s message, combined with the efforts of Yahoo!, Tumblr, Google, etc. is sure to be substantial. [4]

Even our beloved WordPress has joined the strike, all it takes is a visit to and visit one of those “censored” blogs.

I, for one, am a staunch supporter of action which may hinder the efforts of pirates and rightly secure an owner’s content under their copyright. However, the ramifications SOPA presents brings up many questions: do we want the government to have more power? Will the legislation really do good? Will it really effect the economy, or this simply being blown out of proportion? Will it hinder innovation and quench online entrepreneurship? 

Many of the Internet’s chief innovators are on strike, where do you stand?


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