Writing, Baking, Developing, and Photographing: Occupés, occupés!

I’ve decided to make the Nutella Cheesecake tomorrow night and let it sit for a day in order that the


Far off in the distance you may spot Pont du Hoc, a key location for the Germans in World War II. As the Allied Forces charged up the beaches, the Axis Powers had a sufficient advantage with their turrents which had deadly accuracy, even from such a distance.

flavors may properly blend together before serving. I’ll likely be feeding around 25-30 people, so I’m sure to get plenty of feedback!

In the world world of writing, I recently submitted a manuscript for publishing (finally with all the formatting kinks worked out) and chose to make it available for free. The story, or duet play rather, came about when I was asked to creatively portray Biblical events through some sort of artistic medium, and for me, the natural choice was writing. I prayed to God for inspiration, to lead my efforts lest I stray from His Word, and I found 400 Years of Silence come forth as a result. After writing it, I was told (by a colleague of mine) that I should write a full book-length version of the tale , which I am certainly considering. If you have an iOS device, you can download the free play on the iBookstore. In the future I hope to post the play on this blog, once I figure out how to get the formatting as I like it.

Something I haven’t mentioned much on this blog is the documentary which I have been developing with footage I shot while in Normandy, France. Once completed, I’ll provide it to a Geography class at a nearby school and perhaps post it on this blog.

In addition to these life updates, there’s also the reviews I mentioned coming up. The House of Silk review and Mission Impossible review should be posted quite soon.



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